Pakistan’s New National Security Policy: Biggest Joke Ever?

Hello defence lovers! Recently Pakistan has unveiled its new and first-ever National Security policy after extensive study and research of seven years. In this article, we are going to discuss what this policy says, what are its aspirations and why this is Pakistan’s biggest joke ever.

Joke #1: No Hostility With India

According to its national security policy, Pakistan is not seeking any hostility with India for the coming few years. It aims to “normalization of relations with its neighbours based on mutual respect and sovereign equality including India”. It is obvious that when Pakistan’s economy is performing so much better than India (according to the so-called puppet prime minister Imran Khan), Pakistan cannot just afford hostility with India because every single bullet which is fired on the Line of control is going to hurt Pakistan’s sinking economy.

Surprisingly Pakistan has not mentioned anything related to the reversal of India’s decision taken on 5th august 2019, which abrogated article 370, after which Pakistan unilaterally broke all its diplomatic and economic ties with India. Now after making several records of humiliation, Pakistan is indirectly urging India to forget everything about article 370 and restore its diplomatic and economic ties with Pakistan. Pakistan is in no state refuse to the cheap imports of basic commodities from India. Pakistan has to resume its trade with India in order to save its sinking economy. Moreover, Pakistan wants cheap medical supplies from India, including the Chinese COVID-19 vaccines as Chinese Sinopharm vaccines is just too efficient and reliable.

Joke #2: Pakistan Promoting “A Pluralistic Anti-Terror Narrative”

In its National Security policy, Pakistan claims that it wants to promote “a pluralistic anti-terror narrative”. But it is quite difficult for us to understand how one can promote a truly pluralistic anti-terror narrative by keeping hundreds of terrorists ready in their launch pads in PoK near LOC, to infiltrate into Indian territory. One possibility is that Pakistan wants to eliminate the remaining terrorists on its soil by Inviting the Indian army to put bullets in terrorists’ heads on Pakistan Army’s behalf. It is obvious that Pakistan’s economy is in huge trouble. China is imposing heavy interest rates on its loans, inflation rates are record high, Pakistani Rupee has hit its all-time low, IMF is not in a mood to extend any economic packages to Pakistan and moreover, Saudi Arabia can ask for repayment of loans at any moment. FATF is making things worse by keeping Pakistan in Greylist and threatening it with Blacklist. In such a situation when Pakistan is on the brink of economic collapse, it is obvious that Pakistan cannot afford to support terrorism. However one should note that other countries have an army, but in Pakistan, the Army has its own country. We know how obedient and loyal the ISI and Pakistan army is to its democratically elected government.

Pakistan also wants to fight radicalisation and religious extremism. The fire that Pakistan had started is now spreading its own courtyard. In a situation where Pakistan is getting nailed every day by Religious extremists group like Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) and Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Pakistan has to fight radicalisation.

Joke #3: India Destabilizing The Region

Pakistan’s National Security Policy claims that India’s Nuclear Triad has destabilized the region. According to it, India is disturbing the balance of power in the region. Surprisingly Pakistan is the country whose Minister threatens India with nuclear annihilation every now and then. This is the same country that has a very bad record of nuclear proliferation. And yet India’s nuclear triad is threatening the stability of the region.

  • Apart from the above all points, one interesting point is that so-called Pakistan’s NEW National Security Policy (NSP) was actually drafted over seven years by two prime ministers who held widely divergent views. So we can say that Pakistan’s so called new NSP is just a old wine in a new bottle.

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Though India and Pakistan have ideological and political differences yet as Indians, we are delighted to have such a neighbour who entertains us by publishing laughing stokes in the name of its National Security Policy.


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