New Policies Under Joe Biden & Its Impact On India

It is quite clear now that Joe Biden is going to be the next US president. With Joe Biden having a clear majority of 290 electoral votes, Not even the supreme court can help Donald Trump. In this article, we are going to look at changes that will occur in foreign policies and how they will affect the world.

The Americans have chosen their president. Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We have a lot to do to overcome today’s challenges. Let’s work together

Emmanuel Macron, French President

Congratulation Joe Biden on your spectacular victory. As Vice President, your contribution to strengthening Indo-US relations was critical and invaluable. I look forward to working closely together once again to take indo-us relations to greater heights

PM Narendra Modi

Biden comes with Kamala Harris, who as vice president, may play a big role in policymaking. Since Joe Biden is 77 years old, chances are very high that Kamala Harris is going to be the 2024 democrat candidate.

India US Relations Under Joe Biden Administration

Defence, strategic and security relations will likely follow a path that has remained largely the same since 2000. However, we can see a change in policy with China which can have implications for India.

Joe Biden personally supports India’s demand for permanent United Nation Security Council Seat. Even he had significant contribution in approving the US India Civil nuclear agreement 2008. Under him Indo-Us relations will definitely get stronger.

On the other hand, Joe Biden publicly declared that Russia is going to be the number one threat for the US, not China. Thus his anti-Russia policies are going to hit India hard. Biden administration might impose sanctions on India under CAATSA for purchasing S 400 air defence systems in the forthcoming years. Biden administration might impose sanctions for purchasing additions Mig-29 and Su 30 fighters. Indian Government needs to have very strong diplomacy to avoid these sanctions and keep our sovereignty at the top.

However, the Biden administration might renegotiate Iran’s nuclear deal which can have positive implications for India. India could then freely purchase oil from Iran at much lower prices and more importantly can restart the Char Bahar port construction process.

Kamala Harris and her stance on Kashmir’s article 370 abrogation is going to be challenging for Indian Diplomats. Despite being of Indian Origin, She seems to be quite anti- India. Anti-India statements were limited before the elections keeping the Indian vote banks in view, but the reality would surface now. Kamala Haris is the only factor that can be detrimental to Indo-US relations.

India will not have the pressure to reduce the trade surplus between India and Us under Joe Biden, which was there under Donald trump. The Trade surplus is likely to increase in the following years.

Joe Biden’s Stance On China

Democrats are known for their soft policies on China. Joe Biden is no exception. Although both the candidates portrayed themselves as extremely anti-China, Joe Biden is likely to end the trade war on china which is going to be a huge gift for the Chinese economy.

However, US freedom of navigation operations in the south China sea would continue. American support for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tibet is likely to increase than before.

Joe Biden’s Win Impact On The World

Joe Biden’s win is a great releif for many European countries since under him NATO will become stronger. Contrary to that according to Donald trump, NATO had become obsolete.

Biden’s victory is also great for WHO, whose funding from the US is likely to start again, which was in fact stopped by Donald Trump for being non-transparent in handling the Chinese virus pandemic.

Overall Joe Biden is going to restore the image of US of global responsible superpower which was upto some extent lost under Donald Trump


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