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Lance Naik Dinesh Singh- Story Of Bravery And Courage

This is the story of a young Braveheart soldier, Lance Naik Dinesh Singh, who gave up his life fighting against enemies. However, the article discusses the sacrifices of Col. Ashutosh Sharma, Major Anuj Sood, Naik Rajesh Kumar, SI Sageer Ahmed Pathan along with Lance Naik Dinesh Singh. These all were the persons who did not care for their lives to protect the boundaries of this country.

Early Life Of Lance Naik Dinesh Singh

Lance Naik Dinesh Singh was a boy of the Almora district of Uttarakhand. He was the child of Shri Godhan Singh Gada and Smt. Tulsi Devi. Lance Naik Dinesh Singh was keen to join Army as he joined Indian Army right after completing his school education at the age of 20 years. Lance Naik Dinesh joined 3 Guards Battalion of the brigade of guards in 2015. This is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army, which is known for its courageous soldiers who never missed any chance to serve the nation. Lance Naik Dinesh served in this Battalion for few years and then got a chance to serve with 21 RR Battalion in Jammu and Kashmir for counter-terrorists operation.   

Handwara Operation On 2nd May, 2020

The place where Lance Naik Dinesh was serving with 21 RR Battalion, was an active area of militant attacks. The soldiers deployed here need to be alert and aware all the time about the surrounding activities. They must remain prepared for any operation to be conducted urgently. As a result, high skills and years of experience come in handy in these situations, and therefore experienced soldiers take charge of the missions. The unit received some input from the sources about the presence of militants in Wadarbala-Rajwara forests in Kupwara district, Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, the unit decided to launch an operation on May 1, this year. The team comprised members of the Army, CRPF, and J&K Police.

 On May 1, the Commanding officer of 21 RR, Col. Ashutosh Sharma led the team. When they all were returning from the forests on May 2, the team received information that some terrorists had taken refuge in a house in the nearby Chanjimulla hamlet. The biggest probem to be faced was that the terrorists had taken some civilians in the form of hostages. The team immediately reached to the point and started their further actions. But they did not know the positions of terrorists as they were hiding in two houses side by side. Terrorists fired at the team when the soldiers challenged them.  

Saving The Civilians: Utmost Priority

Firing between the terrorists and the team at the point was started. The terrorists were equipped with heavy machinery and advanced weapons. The battle lasted for several hours. Lance Naik Dinesh and his team members succeeded in eliminating two terrorists. They saved several civilians as well whom the terrorists as hostages had taken up. But it is not as easy as it seems. They all were fighting for hours without knowing whether they will be able to meet their unit again or not. Col. Ashutosh Sharma, Major Anuj Sood, Naik Rajesh Kumar, SI Sageer Ahmed Pathan, and Lance Naik Dinesh Singh were severely injured during the operation and later succumbed to their injuries.  

Are We Doing Enough For Them?

They left this world while performing their duty. Lance Naik Dinesh Singh was only 25, yet had shown bravery and courage to give up his life for the nation. He did not let anything come between himself and his duty. This is a story of only some men. There are stories of martyrdom of many soldiers who laid down their lives while performing the duty. But, do we remember all of them? Or even, do they get the respect that they deserved? Very few come in the memories of people and most of them remain unknown in their country.

Through this article, I have tried to highlight their sacrifice for the nation. We must know our heroes who are courageous, brave, and selfless in their duty. They never demand anything from the citizens except the respect they deserve because they are among the very few people who serve their motherland selflessly. They do so because of their morals and ethics and therefore are the real heroes.   


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