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Indian Military On A Drone Systems Purchase Spree

All those who have been following us and watching our Daily Updates might know that recently we have started acquiring drones in numbers, It actually seems like Indian Military is on a Drone systems purchase Spree. In the span of fewer than 2 days, we are getting news after news on drone purchase. So much so that it is very hard now to keep the track of the same. Here in this article, we would try to justify and make all Purchases bit simple for you.


We all know that Drone is part of Modern warfare tactics. It is actually necessary for India to get ready for the same. In many aspects like fighter jets, Ships, Tanks we have seen a lag. The lag so much so that we even feel that times a generation behind everyone. But it is finally good to see that here we are almost at the same step where the world is arming itself with drones.

We all know that drones are as of now the nightmare. They are small, easy to make, cheap, and are also “Expandable”. It is very important to get armed for Offensive as well as defensive systems of drones and since we don’t possess enough it’s time to purchase it. Many things are good due to these deals which we will discuss here

Before we jump into benefits let’s see which deals are actually signed

All Drone Systems Purhcase

The above tweet is by Twitter Handle @maverickbharat,

Let’s discuss each of them in Brief.

Anti-Drone System by BEL

First of all, the main one is the Anti-drone system by BEL. The Indian Navy signed a contract with Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) for the supply of the first indigenous comprehensive Naval Anti Drone System (NADS) with both hard-kill and soft kill capabilities in New Delhi on August 31, 2021.

This is a similar system that is used on land and has a capability for both soft and Hard kill of Drones. The system is effective in all-encompassing counter to the increased drone threat to strategic naval installations.

The same contract has been also signed with Air-force and Army as well. We all know the reason for signing this deal which is The Jammu airport drone attack. It’s still bad that we received importance after the attack. Still, it’s good that it’s done. For more details, you can Also Read:- Indian Navy Signs Contract With BEL For Supply Of Naval Anti-Drone System

Mobile Anti-Drone system from Zen-Tech

As you can see the system is mounted on a mini-van and can be operated directly. This system has a Hard-kill capacity by engaging a gun mounted above which will fire at the incoming drone. Also, a net-based system is kept for rogue drones which are carrying explosives. Also comes with soft kill capabilities as well. Although the details of the order were not divulged, the company stated that it would carry out the order in a 12-month time frame. Soon a detailed article will be published on this system on this site.

The contract of 155 crores has been signed with Zen Technologies by IAF.

Anti-Drone Guns By Gurutvaa

Gurutvaa Systems will be providing Drone Jammer guns to IAF. The amount of the deal was 8 Crores. No other details of this Deal have been disclosed by IAF or any other sources. Also no images available for the same

Swarm Drones By Indian Army

Indian Army Orders 100 Swarm Drones
Indian Army Orders 100 Swarm Drones

An Offensive system to be purchased by the Indian army under the emergency procurement route. the Indian Army has placed orders for two ‘swarms’ of 50 drones each, which can carry out strikes against targets at distances up to 25 km. The order has been placed with an Indian firm based out of Bangalore in two tranches of 50 drones each. The cost of the same is $15 million. To read more about it Click here:- Indian Army Orders 100 Swarm Drones Under Emergency Procurement

Sky-Striker Drone By Indian Army

Indian Army To Procure ‘SkyStrikers’ For Balakot Type Missions
Indian Army To Procure ‘SkyStrikers’ Drone

The Indian Army has signed a contract to procure more than 100 explosive-laden drones or ‘SkyStrikers’ or can even be said as loitering ammunition drones with Alpha design. This company is actually a joint venture (JV) with the Israeli firm Elbit Security Systems (ELSEC). The contract signed on Wednesday for the same was worth Rs 100 crore. It is also referred to as a ‘suicide drone’ as it crashes into the target with explosives. ‘Suicide drones’ are autonomous systems that can independently locate, acquire and strike operator-designated targets with a 5-kilogram warhead that is installed inside the fuselage. All 100 are to be delivered within the time span of 18 months. To read more about it Click here:- Indian Army To Procure ‘SkyStrikers’ For Balakot Type Missions

Drone From Raphe Mphibr

Image credits:- (Left one is Nistar drone and the right one is called a short drone)

Indian army has also decided to procure an unknown quantity of drones from Raphe Mphibr. The contract amount is not even disclosed and no timeline is given. These drones could be mainly used for Package transport at high altitudes and surveillance as well.

Benefits and Conclusion

It’s really great the Finally over Military is getting ready and gearing up for future warfare. We are getting ready for both offensive and defensive at the same time. Since here most of the systems are Made in India or a major part of them are made in India. This would definitely develop our Drone complex which would be ready in the future for innovation as well as manufacturing. Along with this a great boost to the “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” project and the Make for World project.

We are moving towards becoming a world-class military. And to be always forward in that we need to adapt to the change of technology and always have to be par with it. In other places, we have missed many such trains of technology leaps. And hence we had to import Equipment. Now here we are under this government trying to catch the right leaps at right time. Only one sadness that can we see is, all measures were taken only after the Jammu Airport attack. But still

"देर आये दुरुस्त आये"

When we have neighbors like China and Pakistan we need to have defensive systems for protecting strategic assets and also Offensive systems to destroy their assets. This is all done because even if they get one chance to destroy Indian they won’t miss it. And if we failed to stop it, we might have another terrorist attack. Since we are procuring this on time we can also say that “This stitch in time might save many of Mine(soldiers)”


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