Indian Army Orders 100 Swarm Drones Under Emergency Procurement

Seeking to keep pace with global developments, the Indian Army has placed orders for two ‘swarms’ of 50 drones each, which can carry out strikes against targets at distances up to 25 km. The order has been placed with an Indian firm based out of Bangalore in two tranches of 50 drones each.

These drones can hit targets with five to ten kilograms of explosives and can also be used to provide medical and other supplies to the troops in forward areas, Army sources said here.

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The drones and their utilization were demonstrated during the Army Day parade this year. The Army had demonstrated that they could destroy enemy tanks and armoured vehicles.

 Swarm Drone Demo At Army Day Parade On January 15, 2021

These types of drones were used extensively in the Azerbaijan and Armenia conflict.


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