Indian Army To Get Robotic Mule & JetPack Suit

Recently, The Ministry of Defence released RFP to procure 48 Jetpack Suit and 100 Robotic Mule Along with Associated Accessories under emergency procurement through Fast Track Procedure (FTP) under Buy (Indian) category.

According to the RFP, The Robotic Mule Must be a quadripedal Robot (Four-legged) capable of autonomous movement across various terrain, self-recovery capability, and with obstruction avoidance features. The robot must be able to move in uneven terrain and in moderate ascent and descent.

They will be able to operate up to 3000m of altitude with more than 10 kg of Payload capacity. They will be able to operate in autonomous mode and GPS denied environment. They will be compatible with GNSS & IRNSS navigation systems.

Boston Dynamics’ Legged Squat Support System

The ministry will also buy 48 jetpack suits under emergency procurement through the fast-track process. The jetpack suit is a turbine-based individual mobility platform, which can lift a man safely across varied terrain. The suit will provide controls for safe ascent, safe descent, take-off and landing and movement in all directions. It will have many advantages like a modern propulsion system including turbine engines/electric and hybrid systems with a maximum speed of 50 km per hour. It will be able to operate satisfactorily in mountains, deserts, and high-altitude areas up to 3,000 metres up. The suit will be capable of storing things and will have weather-proof packages, and items can get transported by land, sea, or air. Initially. they will be likely used by Special Forces.



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