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Import Lobby Working At Its Peak

Hello Defence Lovers, Recently everyone has noticed and saw what can happen with drones. Simple drones are entering the restricted airspace also one of the most important military installations and just bombing it, creating chills down the spine of the Indian Military. But what can one say that this attack could have been easily thwarted by our Indigenous Anti-Drone systems. Luckily now, we have done it but here Anti-Drone systems are coming from Israel. “All Hail” to Import lobby working day and night, looking for such mistakes to happen and crush indigenous items.


The Attack on Jammu Airport happened on the 27th of June, 2021 (Sunday). And alarmed the Jammu military installations. The NIA is given the investigation for the same. Many theories have been made that where did drones came from in such a secure area. Many say it was the cross border, some say it was launched from a very near area. Some say it was operated some say it was fed with coordinates. Some say that it was going to target the helicopters on base, while some say Towers and endless presumptions have been made by many defense experts

But root cause shows we were never ready in spite of being ready. It has been almost 2 years since we are reading news regarding drone incursions at LOC. Every day either BSF downs a Surveillance drone or a drone carrying large catchments of Arms and narco-modules. Last year an Octa-copter was caught (For those who don’t know, an Octa-copter is 8-wing propelled used for large weight picking)

Attitude To Security Concerns

It is so naive for our defense forces not to think and apply solutions for such drones. Even the Navy purchased Smash 2000 eyesights for Drone but not Army who deals with such encounters on daily basis. Even a dumb person would have known that the day was not far when drones will carry bombs and drop them at HVT (High-Value Targets).

Drones are cheap to make while deterrence is really high, and even though CDS highlighting in conferences this threat at webinars nothing was done. Leaving the Civilian area aside, not even Military installations are made safe from it. We already have a DRDO made Anti-drone system which we will discuss more over here. But not even that installed

Import Lobby In Picture

It took just 5 days until the tweet arrived from the OSINT handle that IAI (Isreal Aerospace Industries) announced that they have sold its ELI-4030 Drone Guard counter-UAV system to a “South Asian nation”

Here Something is to be noted, that it is written that they have already sold the system.

Doesn’t something sound fight, all of the things happened in the Span of “5 Days” and that too in Number of 12. No testing, no trails, no payment issue, and No RFI. Direct sold and soon be received.

Even there is no consideration of DRDO mounted drone system which is also very capable to Hard kill and soft kill the drone. The detailed video is as attached here, on our Twitter account Defence-XP

This is hard to see that How strong is thing Import lobby that bent our Defence forces and administration to purchase such items instead of Indegeniots ones in a span of days.

The same DRDO anti-drone system was used in the Republic day parade, to protect from drones. No one will use such a system until it’s proven on such an important day to protect the most important people of India. Still, these systems never get into consideration. DRDO develops but the Government/ Military never orders the stuff and keeps complaining of not being up to mark. Currently, this technology is also transferred to private players and also upgraded to the level of getting it mounted Kalyani LSV. Some even say it is ordered in limited numbers and kept in Jammu however official things are not seen.

Loopholes Import Lobby Find

Even though being up to the mark, it gets Struck in Trials as our Indigenous ATAGS and Tejas did. Along with that, forget our offense, even our Defence is not proactive, Until the need arises we never do it. Until LAC happened, we didn’t have proper winter clothing and Guns so what happened American lobby took the order. LAC conflict gave need of Light tanks until then nothing was done in that direction, now chances are Russian tanks are to imported. Not having basic fighter aircraft no worriers we are going to import it (lease it). No UAV, no worries we will import that too. To gun, no worries AK-203 is coming. BVR missile, still imported from Russian (Recent R-77 order). Do you guys see the pattern?


Every time a mishap happens import lobby reached and convinces the Military, and the military being Military purchases it under emergency procurement. Until we purchase domestic items, the market of Domestic items will never grow. Hence no private industry will invent, no R&D will happen, no more world-class item. This will make us see Aatmanirbhar Bharat going into the ditch. We also have an article on the same which explains Private sector participation in India Click here.

A Military can only become modern if it adapts to new technology. At the end of the day, we are losing our image only when we procure everything at the very last moment or after the Incident happens. Understanding new challenges, adapting & inducting them soon will only save us from 2 Ruthless neighbors who are ready to infiltrate at any given time.

I would just say that it was very lucky for us that only 2 bombs came and no valuable asset was lost. Since China is supplying drones, imagine isn’t there a possibility that on that day 10-100 drones come at the same time??? Well, I did, it sent a chill down my spine…


Nirav Kotak

A Mechanical Engineer and a Defense Enthusiast wanting to share knowledge and learn more from others as well.

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