Exposed: Sweden’s Anti-India Campaign

Hello defence lovers! On 5th August 2019, the Indian government took a bold and historic step by abrogating articles 370 and 35A. These two articles hindered the development of Jammu and Kashmir since independence and forced most of its residents to live in poverty. This was also a massive setback for Pakistan’s proxy war through terrorism so it observes black day every 5th august since then. This year it plans to celebrate its so-called Kashmir Black day with Sweden. In this article, we will expose Sweden’s anti-India campaign and its vested interests.

India-Sweeden Relations

India and Sweden share neutral to friendly relations. Annual bilateral trade between the two countries is less than 5 billion dollars. The Swedish SAAB group is trying to sell is Gripen fighters to India. However, Sweden has very friendly relations with Pakistan and it is one of its prime export markets.

Sweden’s NATO Membership

The Russia-Ukraine war has brought Finland and Sweden one step closer to joining NATO. Ironically the country which clashed with one of the strongest military power on earth for the same NATO membership is very far away from that membership.

Looking at the invasion of Ukraine, both Finland and Sweden who don’t have a strong army to defend themselves are desperately looking toward NATO membership. Russia on the other hand has warned Finland of a similar invasion if it decides to repeat Ukraine’s mistake since Finland shares a very long border with Russia. However looking at the Russian war effort, it seems Russian forces are running out of resources. In that case, the threat of a nuclear strike dangerously increases.

Sweden does not share any border with Russia. Thus Sweden is a stronger candidate for NATO membership. The only obstacle is Turkey right now since it is blocking Sweeden’s bid.[source]

Turkey’s Anti-India Stance

Over the recent few years, Turkey has developed an anti-India stance. The prime reason behind this is President Erdoğan’s ardent desire to become the new Khalifa of the Muslim World. Recently in the past few years, Turkey has developed close ties with Pakistan and has displayed its anti-India stance at global forums.

Pakistan’s Anti-India campaign in Sweden

This year Pakistan wants to protest against the abrogation of article 370 in Sweden. Here is a list of activities that the Pakistani Embassy plans to do. These include various information warfare techniques against India from Swedish soil to get international attention.

As per the claims, some Swedish parliament members are also going to actively participate in the movement. The Swedes have a very specific reason for that. As it is said, “in geopolitics, there are neither permanent friends nor enemies, there is only permanent interest”. As discussed earlier, Turkey threatens Sweden with its veto to freeze its NATO membership. Hence by supporting Turkey’s close ally Pakistan’s anti-India narrative, the Swedes are trying to win Turkish support which will strengthen its bid. According to NATO’s charter, any member state can use its veto power to reject the entry of a new member. Thus the Swedes are trying out an appeasement policy.


For its vested Interest, Sweden might support the anti-India narrative of Pakistan for short while but this will do greater damage in the long run both economically and geopolitically. At least Sweden must maintain distance from those whose peaceful protest includes sending terrorists across the LOC to destabilize Kashmir Valley. Jammu and Kashmir have always been an integral part of India and we don’t need some beggar’s opinion regarding its administration.



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