Brazil Expresses Interest In Indo-Russian BrahMos-NG Missiles

The government of Brazil has expressed interest in the BrahMos-NG (New Generation) version of the short-range ramjet supersonic cruise missile. The missile an Indo-Russia joint venture is already inducted in the Indian armed forces is being sought by other countries. Financial Express Online has been the first to report about the growing interest in these missiles from countries in South America including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Venezuela.

“There have been initial talks between the two sides. Due to the global pandemic, everything was put on hold,” a senior officer said Brazil is manufacturing nuclear nuclear-powered general-purpose attack submarine or SSN to be equipped with cruise missile systems. Also, the South American nation is planning for the modernization of the existing fleet of submarines.

Why? “Because the existing fleet of submarines will undergo mid-life refit and well as capability enhancements. And these platforms can be a potential user for Brahmos-NG,” explained a senior officer who wished to remain anonymous.

Why BrahMos-NG?

The Brazilian Air Force is flying the Swedish Gripen-E of SAAB Company, which was delivered to it in 2019.

“From Brazil, the Indo-Russian missile BrahMos-NG can be a suitable choice for their new Gripen aircraft. The new BrahMos-NG systems are designed for a wide range of fighter aircraft platforms with best in class specifications.”

Also, “The Brazilian aircraft Embraer can also be a suitable platform for BrahMos –NG,” said the official quoted above.

SAAB on Embraer

During a recent virtual media interaction, a top Gripen officer had told Financial Express Online, “Embraer is Saab’s main partner in Brazil and they will conduct the final assembly of the Gripen as well as being part of the design and systems development as well as flight test.”

“The main part of this work is being performed at something Saab calls the GDDN (Gripen Design and Development Network). We have also set up our own Saab entity, Saab Aeronáutica Montagens for structural assembly in Brazil. Also, AEL Sistemas, Akaer, and Atech are important partners in Brazil for the Gripen Program,” the top SAAB officer had said.

Why are countries interested in BrahMos?

It is a joint venture between India and Russia established in 1998 and has been developed at a low budget of USD 300 million. It has undergone successful tests in India – the Indian Army, Navy and the Air Force have been carrying out tests in different configurations.

About the venture, a top officer of Russia’s FSMTC had told Financial Express Online that “it is a `precious gem’ in the defense cooperation between India and Russia. And can be exported to other countries after all the intergovernmental procedures have been cleared.”

More about BrahMos-NG

It weighs between 1.4-1.6 tonne; and has a length of 6 metre.

It meets the requirements of all the three services in India.

And the BrahMos-NG is going to be integrated with the Russian Su 30 MKI fighter aircraft.

Financial Express

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