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Beard & Moustache Policies In Indian Armed Forces

A proper beard and moustache is something convert a man into a gentleman, this doesn’t mean that man with no mustache or beard aren’t gentle. But facial hairs give a more gentle look than a clean shaved face.

Normally people have many doubts about the facial hair policies of the Indian Armed Forces. People used to ask whether a soldier or an officer can grow a beard or a moustache. Most people encounter soldiers with a clean shaved look, whereas some are found with a perfect beard or a beautiful moustache. All of these soldiers follow the facial hair policies which are different for different forces, religions, etc.

Indian Army Chief’s moustache

Policy for Indian Armed Forces: Indian Armed Forces are highly disciplined forces. Except for the Navy, no other forces are allowed to keep beards, instead, they can keep a well-maintained mustache. And that too will be only acceptable if the moustache hairs aren’t passing the upper lip.

Though there is an exception for the Dogra regiment of the Indian Army, whose soldiers can grow a beautiful moustache without any limitation and also the soldiers of the Rajput Regiment and the Rajputana Rifles, were given special allowances to maintain their traditional, fiercely curling moustaches!

Indian Navy & Coast Guard: In the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard can keep beards too, but only after the acceptance of requests by the Commanding Officer of the ship. But the beard should be beautiful and well maintained.
Though there is another case also in which an Indian Navy soldier can grow up a beard, and that will be only possible if the soldier has a facial infection. But still, he will need a signed letter from the Medical officer.

Sikh: Beard is considered as religious in Sikh religion, hence Sikh soldiers are totally allowed to grow their beards and moustache. This exception is provided by Indian Forces not to hurt the religious sentiments of Sikh soldiers.

Special Forces: there are no restrictions for commandos of special forces, they can keep any type of beard or moustache without any limitations. But they have to maintain them according to the missions or operations. This exception is provided to special forces to let them hide their identity in public and to let them indulge in civilians. Another reason for this exception is that this helps them to adapt the extreme weather conditions such as freezing cold or snowfall.

Moustache is deeply adored by Indians, and many soldiers like to keep mustache under the policies prescribed. Some soldiers like more to stay clean shaved. But these facial hairs don’t decrease our love for our soldiers. We are proud of them.

Jai Hind!


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