Armed Forces Get Three More Months To Buy Weapons Under Emergency Clause

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The ongoing border conflict with China, the Modi government has given three more months to the defence forces for buying weapon systems under the emergency clause to be better prepared for warfighting.

India and China are engaged in a border conflict in Ladakh sector since April-May timeframe and have deployed forces opposite each other after the Chinese aggression there.

The three services, Army, Navy and Air Force, were granted emergency powers to buy or lease any weapon system of their choice around July this year, as the situation got tense along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh, to be better prepared for an armed conflict with the adversaries including China and Pakistan.

The three defence forces have been given three more months to use the emergency powers to buy more weapon systems from both indigenous and foreign sources for better preparedness for conflicts.

The three services together have already finalised acquisitions worth more than $2 billion amid the ongoing conflict with China and are in a better shape to take on challenges on any side, they said.

Centre has also agreed to the demand of enhancing the weapon-stocking or war wastage reserves to the 15-I level, meaning that instead of storing weapons and ammunition for 10 days of intense warfighting, they would be storing for 15 days of intense war.

After the Uri attack in 2016, on realising that the war wastage reserves stocks were low, the then Manohar Parrikar-led defence ministry had enhanced financial powers of the vice chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force to Rs 500 crore from Rs 100 crore.

The three services were also given the emergency financial powers to procure items worth Rs 300 crore to buy any equipment which they felt could be of use to them for fighting wars.

The defence forces have been buying a number of spares, weapons, missiles and systems for effectively taking on the adversaries. Sources say a large number of missiles and ammunition for tanks and artillery have been acquired in satisfactory amounts to shed worries for the troops on the ground.

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