Anti-Taliban Resistance Based In Panjshir Will Defend All Afghans: Saleh

Underlining the aim of resistance forces to defeat the Taliban, former Afghanistan Vice President Amrullah Saleh has said the resistance is “based in Panjshir” but will defend the rights of all Afghan citizens. “Our resistance is to defend the rights of all Afghan citizens. This resistance is based in Panjshir, not for Panjshir and for Panjshir. Today, this valley hosts all the country and is a hope for all the Afghan people who are escaping from oppression, revenge, prejudice, slipping on people’s property and your dark thinking,” Saleh told ANI.

Saleh, along with Ahmad Massoud — the son of famous Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud — another leader of the resistance, are presently in Panjshir valley and trying to mount a challenge to the Taliban. The resistance forces in the country’s northeastern province had said that they would continue fighting the Taliban as their negotiations did not lead to any results. Since the group’s ascent to power in the war-ravaged country, the United States has evacuated about 6,000 American citizens and a total of more than 124,000 civilians from Afghanistan.

Speaking against the Taliban’s forced takeover of the country, Saleh said, “If the nation trusts you a bit, then why are people lining up on the borders of the country.” “Have you asked yourself why? Dominating the structure in the last years has not meant stability, and your modern dominance over the soil does not mean your stability and stability,” he added. Urging the world to focus on the Taliban’s action and not their words, the former Afghan vice president said,” It is enough to pay attention to the interview and performance of your appointed first ranks so that you know that the Afghan administration is not possible today with a bunch of obsessed illiterates.”

“The collapse of the economy and the absence of service machines will soon destroy the people and your weapons and harsh method will not be effective against the uprising and anger of the people. Only time is between, not if and unless,” he added. Last month, the Taliban captured Kabul after mounting a swift offensive in a matter of few weeks. So far, the Taliban have controlled all the regions apart from the Panjshir province.


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