All About India-Japan Exercise Dharma Guardian 2022

Ex DHARMA GUARDIAN-2022, an annual exercise between the Indian Army and Japanese Ground Self Defence Force which commenced on 27 February 2022 at Foreign Training Node, Belgaum successfully culminated on 10 March 2022 after twelve days of intense joint military training, providing a unique opportunity of achieving synergy between Armed Forces of both the Nations which is focused towards strengthening the timeless bonds of India – Japan friendship.

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The exercise also provided a platform for professional and cultural learning as well as social interactions which in turn broadened their horizon towards knowledge and cooperation aiming towards co-existence as one in the Indo-Pacific Region.

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The conduct of this exercise, which covered a vast spectrum from cross-training & combat conditioning in field conditions to sports and cultural exchanges has been a grand success. The two armies rubbed shoulders attending various demonstrations, at firing ranges, and during various tactical exercises.

Both contingents not only shared their expertise on contemporary subjects of counter-terrorism operations but also utilized this opportunity to share their experiences on exploiting disruptive technologies like Drone and Anti-Drone weapons.

“Exercise Dharma Guardian” will enhance the level of defence cooperation between the Indian Army and Japanese Ground Self Defence Forces and will act as a catalyst for many such joint programs in the future to further consolidate the gains achieved.


Rajesh Negi

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