Women Officers In Indian Army Source Of Inspiration To Many

The women officers in the Indian Army, who continue to serve the nation in various roles, are passionate about motivating young girls to join the Armed forces. The women officers who maintain a balance between personal and professional life, are the perfect example of Women’s empowerment. They are also a source of inspiration for many who want to join the forces.
While speaking to ANI, many of the women officers who are in the major rank of the Army, feel that they will be certainly deployed in combat roles in the future. They said that there is no gender discrimination in the environment and conduct of the Army. A major in the Indian Army is responsible for various strategic roles. The major commands and directs a military unit and every soldier in his/her unit follow his/her order.

Indian Army’s Major Euthica, who hails from Patna, said that she was motivated to join the forces from a serial called ‘Aarohan’ where actor Pallavi Joshi had played the role of the naval cadet. She has been in the service for 13.5 years.

“I decided to join the forces when I was in class 6. I had a passion to be in uniform. I am here now, it gives me much more push to myself to perform better and prove myself better every day from the previous day. I have put 13.5 years in the service. I have been posted in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir and insurgency-affected areas of Nagaland, Manipur, and Assam. I am presently posted in the Ladakh region. It has been a great journey, challenges have been there, but it also gives confidence,” she said.
“It would take time to be in combat roles for women officers. The way this organization has been accepting us in all facets, gradually all opportunities will be opened. I am sure we are going to go ahead in all roles. The moment women will be allowed in combat roles, I look forward to all the opportunities where women will be there at par with males,” she added.
Major Anjali Prasad said that the environment of the Indian Army is always women-friendly and it has given equal opportunities to women to perform at par with men.

“I have been posted to various terrains. There is no gender discrimination when it comes to operational things. I have also been utilized as an architect in the army and also in other roles. It gives me satisfaction that being in this role, you can inspire the younger generation. We are empowered in the Army. We have been accepted in all roles,” she said. Major Suchitra Chellappan said that she has been serving the nation being in the Indian Army uniform for the past 15 years. “The challenges that emerge in our work acts as motivation. Army facilitates your requirement both professionally and in personal life too. We did not feel any regret,” she said.

When asked how long will it take to see women in the combat roles, Chellappan said, “Don’t think operation part happens at war front only. Lady officers are also posted in high-altitude and other difficult areas including Naxalite areas.” In February, Minister of State for Defence, Shripad Naik told Rajya Sabha that a total of 9,118 women are serving as officers in the three defense forces while the approval has been granted for inducting 1,700 females as jawans in the corps of military police. In addition to the provision of Permanent Commission to Women Officers in Judge Advocate General and Army Education Corps, the Government of India has recently announced a grant of Permanent Commission to Women Officers in all other Arms/ Services in which they are eligible for commission. Further, the Government has sanctioned 1,700 women in the Military Police Corps in a phased manner.

The Indian Air Force undertakes various induction publicity measures to encourage youth including women to join IAF. Modules like direct contact programs, print, and electronic media are extensively used to create awareness about IAF and educate students about the various mode of entry.
Women are employed as officers in the Indian Navy since 1992 wherein only three avenues were available to Women viz. Law, Education, and Logistics. However, over a period of time, a number of other avenues have been opened for women induction.


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