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Different Types Of Salutes & Its Significance In Indian Armed Forces

In military’s salute is considered as a kind gesture to pay respect to their superiors. But there is a slight variation between the salutes of all the 3 forces, they all possess different salutes. Though salute is considered to be prevailed since the Roman Empire , but another study suggests that it was originated in the medieval Europe. On the other hand it is used by many civilian organisations too. But, it contains more values in the armed forces.

Indian Army salute
  • Indian Army: Indian Army salutes by keeping open palm forward. In army it carries other significance too that the person saluting the superior doesn’t carry any weapon in his hands.
IAF salute
  • Indian Airforce: IAF salutes by keeping open palm at an angle of 45* to the ground. Earlier IAF used to salute in the same way as of the Indian Army from the British times until it was changed in 2006.
Indian Navy salute
  • Indian Navy: Indian Navy sautes by keeping open palm facing the ground. It’s because in earlier days sailing officers used to wear gloves to prevent hands from mud and oil. And to not to offend their superiors they were used to salute them by keeping open palm facing the ground, hence this style was adopted.
ITBP salute
  • Para-military: Indian Para-military forces such as CRPF, ITBP used to salute in the same as of the Indian Army.
The Kargil girl salute

There are many objections on the movie “The Kargil Girl: Gunjan Saxena”, and the actress saluting in the army’s way is one of them. But it’s not legitimate because the movie depicts the scenes of 1999 war and earlier, and since then they were used to do salute same in the way of Indian Army.



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