Tejas, Brahmos And Astra Among 156 Defence Items Cleared For Exports

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India has cleared 156 defence equipment for exports including the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft Tejas, artillery guns, battle tanks and missiles, anti-tank mines and explosives.

According to a list released by Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), there are 19 aeronautical systems, 41 armament and combat systems, 4 missile systems, 27 electronic and communication system, 10 life protection items, 4 microelectronic devices, 28 naval systems, 16 Nuclear Biological Chemical equipment NBC and 7 other materials.

Other than Tejas that has been the star attraction of Indian indigenous firepower Indian made missiles are also ready for export now. Earlier it was the Akash missile that was given clearance for exports but now other missiles have also been added.

Indian Missiles ready for export

Beyond Visual Range (BVR) air-to-air Missile Astra, anti-tank guided missile Nag and Brahmos weapon systems are also ready for exports, a list released by DRDO showed.

Akash is a surface-to-air missile system which provides short-range air defence and can operate in autonomous or group mode of operation with a range of 3 to 25 km. The Astra missile is a BVR air-to-air that has been integrated with Indian Air Forces Su30 MKI. Other fighter jets will also be integrated with the Astra in future.

Brahmos is a supersonic missile for the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. This universal missile can be launched from ships, mobile launchers, submarines and aircraft. It has network-centric architecture, multiple trajectories, way-point capability and is capable of engaging any kind of land or naval targets beyond the horizon in a minimum deployment time.

Battle Tank

Indian Army’s battle tank Arjun Mark-1A, an upgraded version that offers superior firepower, high mobility and can fire a variety of ammunition, can also be sold to other countries

Pinaka weapon system

The Pinaka weapon system is also on the list. Pinaka is an all-weather, indirect fire, free-flight artillery multi-barrel rocket system. It can fire 72 rockets in 44 seconds. It delivers a devastatingly lethal and responsive fire against a variety of area targets such as exposed enemy troops, armoured and soft skin vehicles, communication centres, air terminal complexes, fuel and ammunition dumps.

Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS)

This another big Indian military platform on the list. ATAGS is a large-calibre artillery gun system configured with an all-electric drive.

It is a 155 mm, 52-calibre artillery gun with a range of 48 km. It has better accuracy, advanced fire control system, extended range and multiple round simultaneous impact capability with surveillance and sighting systems onboard.

India’s export targets

India is now looking at enhancing its defence exports targeting $5 billion of all defence exports to improve strategic relations with friendly foreign countries.

The nation aims to achieve exporting defence equipment worth Rs.35,000 crore by 2025, as per the defence production export promotion policy 2020.

Aimed at enhancing exports and build a domestic defence industry for self-reliance, the policy targets a turnover of Rs 1,75,000 crore ($25 billion).

The policy also looks at doubling domestic procurement from the Indian industry. The share of domestic procurement in overall defence procurement is about 60 per cent. In order to enhance procurement from domestic industry, it is incumbent that procurement is doubled from the current Rs 70,000 crore to Rs 1,40,000 crore by 2025.

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