R&AW, Delhi Police And CIA Conducted Joint Operation In Afghanistan

(This was originally posted in India Today by Arvind Ojha)

India’s intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), along with a special unit of Delhi Police, carried out a covert operation with the US’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2016 to bust Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) training camps in Afghanistan, sources told India Today. In the latest edition of its propaganda magazine, ISIS-K claimed that the suicide bomber, who attacked outside the Kabul airport last month, was caught in Delhi five years ago and later deported to Afghanistan. Highly placed sources in the security and intelligence establishment confirmed this to India Today, adding that the information sought from the terrorist was instrumental in striking down ISIS-K terror training camps in Afghanistan.

According to sources, the suicide bomber, Abdur Rahman al-logri, was handed over by the Indian agencies to Afghanistan where he revealed the locations of ISIS-K training camps. These camps were later targeted in US drone strikes, sources said. According to sources, the suicide bomber came to India as a student and took admission in Faridabad. However, instead of attending classes, he used to do recce of places in Delhi and nearby areas, sources said.

When the R&AW got inputs on him, it shared the information with the special cell of Delhi Police who nabbed the suicide bomber in 2016. He was then interrogated by multiple agencies where he revealed information about many terror training camps active in Afghanistan. After interrogation, the suicide bomber was deported to Afghanistan. Upon his return, he was again probed by the Afghan security officials about the ISIS-K training camps. Based on his inputs, the US forces targeted the ISIS-K terror training camps through drone strikes. Over 600 terrorists, both from the Taliban and ISIS-K, were killed in the US drone strikes, sources said.

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