No Joint Parade This Year At Attari Border On Republic Day

This year, there will be no joint or coordinated parade at the Attari border on Republic Day. Earlier, Pakistan and India used to do a joint parade, which spectators used to watch from both the side.

This year, no public will be allowed due to COVID-19 restrictions at the Attari border. “No joint or coordinated parade this year at Attari border on Republic Day. No public will be allowed due to COVID-19 restrictions. India will conduct flag-lowering as per daily schedule,” a Border Security Force (BSF) senior official said.

Since March 7 public was not allowed at the Attari border due to COVID-19 restrictions. According to sources, Pakistan since the last few weeks have allowed public as they are seen from the Indian side.

Also, India is not offering sweets to Pakistan on various occasions due to the tense relationship with Pakistan, sources said.

BSF sources have also claimed that a meeting is scheduled this week to decide what can be done on Republic day.


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