Nepal’s Opposition Leader Accused China of Encroaching on Nepali Land

A Nepali opposition leader has accused China of encroaching on Nepali land in Humla district, adding that Beijing has started constructing structures on the encroached land.

Jivan Bahadur Shahi, who is a leader of opposition of Karnali Province, said people in Humla, which is his home district, are suffering due to Chinese presence in the area, adding Beijing has suspended permission to the trucks laden with food supply.

“Our people have been chased away by Chinese security when they go to the area there for farming or cattle-rearing. There is ample evidence that shows that Nepal’s territory has been encroached,” the leader said.
Shahi said that China has erected a pillar and the government officials have said that they were not consulted about such issues.

The basic principle of boundary pillars is that whenever a new pillar has to be set up, it should first be settled in coordination with the officials of both sides. However, this principle has been breached.
“The Junge Pillar 12 has been recently constructed erected by China. The government officials say they have not been consulted about such issues. The Pillars 5.1 and 6.1 have been enclosed as there are Chinese security forces,” he said.

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