Tejas MK2 First Flight By 2024

As expected, CCS cleared the development of LCA Mark 2 fighter aircraft which would be a replacement for the Mirage 2000, Jaguar, and MiG-29 combat aircraft in the Indian Air Force, as reported by ANI.

According to ADA Officials, Tejas MK2 development is to be completed by 2027. They said the government has cleared the development of prototypes of which, the first is likely to roll out in a year and the project is scheduled to be completed by the year 2027 after extensive flying trials and other related work.

So we can expect the first Tejas MK2 rollout by 2023 and the first flight by 2024.

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The DRDO feels that the aircraft would be in the category of the Rafale class aircraft in terms of avionics and capabilities but lighter in weight. The government has also cleared that the engines to be used in the aircraft should be Made in India after the initial development phase.

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Apart from that first Tejas MK1A will be delivered by March 2024, Said a HAL official. In the first year, 2 aircraft will be delivered which will be ramped up to 16 aircraft per year. That means after the first delivery it will take 5 to 6 years to deliver all 83 Tejas MK1A fighters.



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  1. Will not take place by 2024. India is not a superpower and will not be one. THe UK has build lots of good fighter planes and will continue do so…

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