KP Oli Removed As Nepal’s Prime Minister: Implications On India

Hello defence Lovers! KP Oli has been removed from the post of Prime Minister in Nepal. In this article, we are going to discuss why KP Oli has been removed from power and would try to understand the political scenario in Nepal. We would also focus on the implications of this event on India.

Why KP Oli Is Being Removed?

Last year in December amidst the tussle for power between Oli and Prachanda, the two prominent leaders of the Nepal Communist Party, the government was dissolved by President Bhandari on the recommendation of Oli. Fresh elections were announced and Oli was appointed as the caretaker Prime Minister.

Taking the unconstitutional activities of Oli into account the Nepal Congress party filed a writ petition in the supreme court of Nepal. Now following the direction of the Supreme court, Oli is being removed. Sher Bahadur Deuba will be the new prime minister.

Sher Bahadur Deuba

Sher Bahadur Deuba is one of the most experienced politicians in Nepal. he has severed as the Prime Minister of Nepal four times (1995-97, 2001-2002, 2004-2005, 2017-2018). Deuba has very good relations with India. Under him, the damaged India and Nepal relations are expected to heal.

Nepal will receive a neutral prime minister who will work for the interest of the Nepali people and will not be a puppet ruler of the Chinese Communist Party.

However, Deuba needs to win the vote of confidence within the next 30 days to retain his appointment as the Prime Minister of Nepal.

Meanwhile, China had already anticipated that KP Oli could be removed as the Prime Minister. Thus the Chinese saw Deuba as the backup plan. Dictator Xi Jinping and Gou Yezhow had already met with Deuba to discuss ask for his cooperation if he becomes the prime minister. However, Deuba has neither accepted nor rejected the Chinese offer. We can definitely say that Deuba will remain much more neutral compared to Oli.

Implications On India

KP Oli was perhaps the worst prime minister of Nepal in history from the Indian perspective. Under him, the strong people-to-people relations of India and Nepal were hampered. Due to his controversial statements, India Nepal relations were on the verge of deterioration. He had a key role in building anti-India sentiments in Nepal.

The removal of KP Oli is a big setback for China as well. Oli and his Communist party were groomed by the Chinese Communist Party. As long as this Communist party was in power, Nepal had become a Chinese Puppet. Now China’s increasing influence on Nepal will be checked by the new Neutral Prime Minister.

India and Nepal share deep military ties. The Gorkhas are the most important reasons. Under Chinese influence, Oli even tried to stop Gorkhas from joining the Indian army as China would never want these absolutely fearless warriors to be a part of their enemy’s army. Now the vested interest of politicians cannot hamper the Indo-Nepal military ties.

We can hope that under the new Prime Minister, Nepal will maintain good relations with India and its every neighbor so that the region can see stability and prosperity.



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