Joint Exercise Of Infantry Battle Group And Indian Navy In Bay Of Bengal

An Infantry Battalion Battle group of Sudarshan chakra corp conducts joint training in blue waters of Vishakapatnam in Bay of Bengal with Indian Navy ensuring operational Readiness and validation of joint war fighting concept.

Sudarshan chakra corp is the only strike corps in the Indian Army Pune based Southern Command of Indian Army.

The Eastern Naval Command has maintained a very high ops tempo to meet all National tasking in and beyond the Indian Ocean Region, including events in wake of the Galwan crisis.

Exercises and evolutions covering the entire spectrum of Naval Operations were undertaken at sea and the Fleet continued to hone its skills for various Naval Operations.

The ships have also been regularly deployed across the Indian Navy’s Area of Responsibility(AOR) for Mission-Based Deployments and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) missions.

Towards progressing diplomatic role of the Indian Navy, ships of the Eastern Fleet have engaged in bilateral/ multilateral exercises with a large number of friendly navies.

Southern Army Command


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