J-K Police Inducts Black Panther Command Control Vehicle

Jammu and Kashmir police have inducted the Black Panther Command Control Vehicle to boost operation capabilities at Baramulla in north Kashmir.

The command vehicles are equipped with all modern gadgets and are said to be very useful during different militancy-related operations.

While talking to ANI, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) of North Kashmir police Sujit Kumar said during anti-militancy operations in mountains, it is very challenging and sometimes we face network problems and for that purpose, this command vehicle will be beneficial for us.

“Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is mountains territory and sometimes during anti-militancy operations in mountains it is very challenging and sometimes we face network problems and for that purpose, this command vehicle will be beneficial for us so that senior officials will coordinate during live operations,” said Sujit Kumar.

DIG North Kashmir further said that it will be a big boost to the operational capabilities of Jammu and Kashmir Police in North Kashmir while adding that the vehicle shall act as a command center for operational, law and order, and rescue duties for Jammu and Kashmir Police.

So far two vehicles have been inducted in Jammu and Kashmir police, one each in Jammu and Kashmir Valley respectively.

Besides being bulletproof, the vehicles have high-resolution CCTV/PTZ cameras providing a 360-degree view of the area and are said to have a suitable comfortable stay for officers and officials during the time of operations.

With access to the internet, these vehicles can be connected to the Headquarters of Jammu and Kashmir Police for real-time monitoring of any continuing anti-militancy operation, the officials said.

Vivek Sudan, an in-charge technician of Black Panther told ANI that the vehicle is equipped with one PTZ camera that has a pneumatic mast that can go up to 20 feet with a 360-degree rotating camera equipped with 42x optical zoom and can vertically about 120 degrees.

“We have each and every facility of accommodation in the vehicle. It is a newly inducted vehicle which is also known as a compact vehicle, shortly named as Black Panther. The vehicle is newly inducted into our JK family in north Kashmir and is already in the Jammu regions,” said Vivek Sudan.

He further said that in this vehicle there are nine IP cameras and one PTZ camera which is very useful in Naka duties and operation duties.

“The vehicle also has firing holes from where we can fire easily. If any officer wants to see what is happening at the operation site he or she can easily see what is happening by our connectivity through IPs. If any jawan or Naka party got injured in any incident can be recovered easily by our First Aid facilities. It also has Google maps and Google earth which are inducted in our PCs by which we can track,” he added.

Sudan further said that the vehicle is fully bulletproof proof which can protect officers is observing activities from inside.


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