ISRO To Launch Satellite For Bhutan Next Year And Train Four Engineers

India’s Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch a Bhutanese satellite next year and will train its engineers from December.

Announcing the development at the launch of phase-II of RuPay card in the country virtually, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said,” I am happy to tell you, next year ISRO is planning to send a Bhutanese satellite to outer space next year and work is going on in full pace. For this 4 Bhutanese space, engineers will be trained in India from December by ISRO. I congratulate these Bhutanese nationals. ” 

On Thursday, India and Bhutan signed an agreement on the peaceful usage of outer space, to increase cooperation between the two sides. Both countries have been engaging in the space sector.

Launching the second phase of RuPay card, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced that India will soon be sending Bhutanese satellite to space.”India opened its space sector for private enterprises. It will boost innovation, capacity, and skills. ISRO will be sending Bhutan’s satellite next year and work on that is progressing fast,” He said.”Like other Indians I have great love and friendship with Bhutan, when I meet you all it’s like meeting our own,” Prime Minister told the Bhutanese audience on the occasion.

“I am sure India will come out much stronger from the pandemic. The lead that India is taking in developing vaccines is a source of hope for all of us.”The Bhutan Prime Minister thanked India for promising to provide a vaccine when it is ready.

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