India’s Tapas Drone To Make First Public Flight At Aero India 2023

The first public flight of India’s TAPAS surveillance drone will take place at Aero India 2023 in Bengaluru next week, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has said.

The DRDO’s participation in the mega show will be marked by the flight displays of LCA Tejas, LCA Tejas PV6, NETRA AEW&C, and TAPAS UAV. The static display also includes LCA Tejas NP1/NP5 and NETRA AEW&C. The participation will also be marked by the flying debut of the indigenous Medium Altitude Long Endurance class UAV TAPAS-BH (Tactical Aerial Platform for Advanced Surveillance – Beyond Horizon).

PIc Via: Vayu Aerospace Review

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The TAPAS-BH will showcase its capabilities and cover the static as well as aerial displays on the business days and the aerial video shall be live-streamed throughout the venue. TAPAS is DRDO’s solution to the tri-services ISTAR requirements.

The UAV is capable of operating at altitudes up to 28000 feet, with an endurance of 18 plus hours.

The DRDO Pavilion will showcase over 330 products categorised into 12 zones namely Combat Aircraft & UAVs, Missiles & Strategic Systems, Engine & Propulsion Systems, Airborne Surveillance Systems, Sensors Electronic Warfare & Communication Systems, Parachute & Drop Systems, Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & Cyber Systems, Materials, Land Systems & Munitions, Life Support Services, and Industry & Academia Outreach.

The flagship products in each of 12 Zones are: AMCA, LCA Tejas Mk2, TEDBF, ARCHER, TAPAS UAV, Abhyas, Autonomous Stealth Wing Flying Test Bed from the Combat Aircraft & UAVs Zone; Akash, Astra, QRSAM, Helina, Nag, Pralay from the Missiles & Strategic Systems Zone; FACECU, Gearbox module, Kaveri Dry Engine Prototype, Small Turbo Fan Engine from the Engine & Propulsion Zone; AEW&C-NETRA, AEW&C- MkII, MMMA Aircraft, IFF, AAAU Model from the Airborne Surveillance Systems Zone; TWIR, BFSR-SR, Bharani, Ashlesha, AATRU, ASPJ Pod, LEOP from the Sensors Electronic Warfare & Communications Systems Zone; Military Combat Parachute System, Brake Parachute, P-16 Heavy Drop System from the Parachute & Drop Systems Zone; Airborne Sonar with Helicopter Model, Air launched Directional Sonobuoy from the Naval Systems Zone; DDCA, INDIGIS, Air Warfare Simulation System, QRNG from Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & Cyber Systems Zone; FSAPDS, Titanium Alloys from the Materials zone; ASREM, Surveillance ROV, SUMITRA from Land Systems & Munitions Zone; Integrated Life Support System, Helicopter Oxygen System from the Life Support Services Zone and Wankel Rotary Engine, Jet Fuel Starter, Radio Altimeter from the Industry & Academia Outreach Zone. The India Pavilion will exhibit five DRDO products. The exhibits are AEWC&C Mk-II, AMCA, LCA Tejas Mk2, TEDBF, and Archer (Image intelligence with Weapon Payloads).


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