Indian Army Turns Flags ‘Blue’ From ‘Red’ For A People-Friendly Look In Kashmir

In an effort to make the Indian Army cantonments and military convoys more population friendly, the Indian Army has now changed the red flags on its convoys to blue colour.

Speaking to ANI, Lieutenant Colonel Q Khan said, “the flags on the military convoys moving with troops from different locations in and out of the Kashmir valley have been changed to blue from red while the walls on the cantonments are proposed to have the pictures of young achievers from Kashmir.”

The officer further said that the troops carrying lathis have also been asked to only use whistles in order to ask vehicles to stop. “The messages and pictures on vehicles are of the scenic places of Kashmir,” he added.

The Indian Army troops travelling in the convoys have also been asked to behave more politely with the people during stopovers, ascertained the officer.


Shankul Bhandare

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