Indian Army Has Made Changes In Sniper Training Course

Amid the reports of Pakistan and China have enhanced their sniping capability along the borders with India. The Indian Army has made some changes in its sniper training course. It has also decided to train the snipers on the .338 Sako TRG 42 rifles, as reported by AsiaNet News. In Indian Armed Forces Sako TRG 42 is mainly used by Army’s Para (Special Forces). Currently, the Infantry School is using Russian-origin Dragunov sniper rifles for training purposes which are also standard Sniper Rifles issued for Indian Soldiers. A total of 100 troops will be trained in every course. As per the official, there are five courses being conducted every year.

According to a senior official, the operational dynamics have changed along the LoC. ‘China and Pakistan have increased their sniping capability. The Pakistan Army has inducted advanced sniping rifles of different calibers. As far as China is concerned, it has made the QBU-88 domestic sniper rifle system as per the requirements of its People’s Liberation of Army,’ he said.

He further added that the Indian Army changes the sniping training course from time to time. ‘It has been decided that there will be two types of course — Basic and Advanced. The training period of both the course has also been increased.’After successful completion of the basic course, some of the personnel will be chosen for the advanced course. They will be given training keeping in mind the needs of the future, at the Mhow-based Infantry School. 



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