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Indian Air Stations To Counter China

Despite many meetings conducted between India and China at different levels. Still, the scenario is not changing then there might be more skirmishes like Galwan incident. And these skirmishes might turn into a conflict which is obvious. And China is constructing heavy infrastructure such as Helipad, Airstrips, and Bunker which clarifies the desire of China. To counter any activity the Indian side is also preparing. But there is one area that gives the edge to the Indian side and that is Indian Air Stations along LAC. Along the Indo-Tibetan border, there is a chain of Indian Air Station to counter China. Some significant Air Stations to which China consider as a serious threat are:

Assets deployed

Ambala Air force Station

This air station came in the spotlight throughout the year. When the air force decided to establish it as a home base of the first batch of Rafale. The air station comes under Western air command. The air-force station has a strategic location to counter both China and Pakistan. Ambala air station marked its importance during the Balakot airstrike as the Mirage fighters took off from the Ambala air station. Along with Dassault Rafale, it also houses Jaguar and Mig-21 fighters.

Rafael in Ambala

Hindon Air force Station

This air station is under western air command. It is located in Uttar Pradesh. It is the largest air force station in Asia. This home base is the back bone for the heavy lift division of the air-force. This air station is the home of C-17 Globemaster III, C-130J Hercules and heavy lift helicopter such as MI-17. Recently air-force has conducted a heavy airlift exercise using C-17 Globemaster. In which air-force has to transport ammunition to Leh air station.


Hasimara Air force Station

This air-station is located in Alipurduar district, West Bengal. This air station is China centric and is very close to Chumbi valley the tri junction between India, Bhutan and China. Hasimara air force station is ready to welcome the second batch of Rafale. Before induction of Rafael so much preparation is in progress. This include extension of the runway’s length, building of the warehouse and increasing the security. Hasimara air station is one of the Indian air stations along LAC to counter China’s air activity effectively. Along with that it posses serious threat for China as it bolster air force’s reach.

List of Indian air station
Hasimara air station

Tawang Air force Station

Tawang air station in Arunachal Pradesh is an advance landing ground for fixed-wing aircraft. It is capable of handling heavy-lift aircraft such as An-32 and C-130J Hercules. The air station is also been installed with advanced radar and monitoring devices. Recently Su-30 Mki also landed in the air station which showcases the preparation of the air force in worst to the worst situation.

Advanced landing ground

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