IAF’s Chinook Helicopter Carries Out Night Sortie In Ladakh

Indian Air Force’s Chinook helicopter carried out night sortie from Leh airbase in Ladakh on October 10. Amid tensions on LAC. IAF has increased its presence and and displaying ita aerial might by carrying various sorties in various conditions. Earlier, IAF’S C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft landed with supplies for the troops. It can carry combat equipment, troops across long distances in all weather conditions.

IAF is ready and well-positioned to take on our adversaries. Our deployments in assessed areas are complete and the winter challenges are being addressed. We’ve suitably assessed the adversary and have necessary plans in place,” Flight Lieutenant Neha Singh, IAF told ANI.

The frequency of IAF aircrafts and helicopters has been increased amid border tensions. Indian Air Force has deployed numerous aircrafts at forward base near Ladakh. Amid tensions with Pakistan & China, India is stocking up ahead of winters.


Dinesh Mahajan

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