IAF Personnel Were Alert During Jammu Drone Attack: Sources

The Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel at the Jammu airbase acted swiftly after hearing the two drones enter the area and carry out explosions there, sources involved in the investigation of the case said here. Two IAF personnel deployed at the Jammu airbase had heard the sound of drones entering the airbase late in the night after 1.30 am. “The two personnel were alert at their respective positions and could hear the drones come into their area. Within 30 seconds of hearing the noise, blasts happened,” sources involved in investigations said here.

Soon after the blasts, the personnel rushed towards the blast scene and rescued the one person who was in the room where the blast took place, the sources said. The drones could not be seen by the personnel as they did not have their lights on. Sources said the statements by the personnel would be helping the investigators in finding further details of the case, they said.

The two personnel would now be giving statements to the National Investigation Agency which has been given the task of probing this attack. Multiple agencies have been involved and all the airbases have been put on high alert to prevent any such possible attack by terrorists. Two drones were used to carry out an attack inside the Air Force base in Jammu on Sunday, sources said. “There is no damage to any aircraft in the blasts. Two personnel suffered minor injuries,” they said.


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