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How Education Prevents Terrorism?

Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world!

Nelson Mandela

In the contemporary scenario, we perceive the role of education as that of a liberator. But it can be easily calibrated that every government is flustered by terrorism, pervading profusely in the lives of today’s youth. So, can education liberate us from this disease? If yes, then how? And what are the limitations? Let us make an audacious endeavor to find it out in a meticulous way.


Terrorism is the quality of being ‘morally’ wrong. It is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentional violence for political or religious purposes. It is used in this regard primarily to refer to violence during peacetime or in the context of the war against non-combatants(mostly civilians and neutral military personnel).

Why Terrorism?

Though, there are myriad reasons for this grim disease, which are largely affected by politics, needs of particular demography, internal factors, dissatisfaction, widespread anger, and rumors, or false leadership. But by no means terrorism and its outcomes can be justified. It is always repulsive, gory spreading, and notorious. As can be seen, rumors and illiteracy are one of the pivotal factors causing this indelible blot on the face of mankind. Moreover, some corresponding factors such as poverty, injustice also have their shares.

Education and Aftermath

So, one way to eradicate terrorism is to increase literacy. Once people get empowered, they will start questioning, which will ultimately shake the base of terrorism. It is always said to cut the roots of a tree, to make it perish. If we focus on the root causes of this formidable reality, it comes out that with the education we can’t remove this evil comprehensively.

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Grim Exceptions

You might have heard the name of Hizbul Mujahideen commander, Burhan. 19 Rashtriya Rifles encountered the former. He was venerated as a so-called ‘hero’. Let me ask, why? Many who come under the canopy of terrorism are not illiterate. Some are doctors, engineers, IT professionals, and teachers.

Pen against gun

The above-mentioned examples explicitly express the extent of brainwashing done by these militant organizations. We must spread education amongst all, but simultaneously authorities have to ensure that its quality should not be compromised. Some reports by our intelligence agencies like NIA have explicitly stated that stone-pelters get funding from these terror groups, which get their initial funds from anti-nationals and some foreign sources.


Education can play a vital role in helping the youth to differentiate between right and wrong. And at the same time government should ensure that there are enough career and occupational options for the youth, so that youth don’t fall prey to these groups. An apprehensive fact is that such education is futile which leads to

Hopefully, now we are moving forth in the right direction!

A Vote Of Thanks

A terrorism free world.

The ardent endeavors by our Armed Forces are worth appreciation. Their endeavor through OP ‛SADBHAVANA’ and local synergy has caused a mass transformation in the psyche of an ordinary citizen of Jammu and Kashmir. The government’s audacious move to establish a precise administration system through the abrogation of Article 370 from the valley is also praised worthy.

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We Can and We Did

Mutual love and respect in Kashmir.

Recent times have seen a gradual decline in terror cases, stone-pelting, and riot cases. Moreover, an increase in surrenders by those who wish to return to the mainstream and leave the canopy of terrorism has seen a jump. I am confident that armed forces, paramilitary, and police forces, and yes the teachers are giving their full efforts robustly to keep our nation always moving forth towards the elusive aim of tackling terrorism.
Roots are about to cut!



Chaitanya Shukla

I am a defence aspirant and an army enthusiast. I am committed to ardently work for my nation and for my people! From Rashtriya Military School Chail.


  1. How Education Prevents Terrorism? If this was true Osama Bin ladin and Abu bakar Al-baghdadi would never would have become a terrorist

    1. We have flawed the definition of education as getting a decent degree only.
      In my opinion, education means inculcation of a set of moral values and ethos.
      Osama and other terrorists are/were awfully misguided. It is our duty to lead them to right path. Otherwise, armed forces are doing a great job.
      Hope everyone will understand.
      Jai Hind

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