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Greatest Threat To Indians Ever

When we Indians speak about threats posed to our country, we generally mention Pakistan, China, and our adversaries. Ironically, we many a time, forget to mention ourselves. Yes, I’m mentioning about Indians. I’m really sorry, in case you are feeling bad. But still, I can’t ignore the truth.

Those Who Are Really Responsible Indians

Indian Naval Stations
A representational image showing sense of duty.

As a matter of fact, the Indian Armed Forces are responsible for securing our borders from external threats. In fact, these forces have proved to be multidimensional, not only in terms of operational capabilities but also in terms of dutiful execution. These forces have time and again went beyond the Call of Duty. Let’s not emphasize on the same. Those who know articulately about forces, know very well, what they do and what they are capable of doing.

A Mirror Is Highly Recommended

Hereby, I don’t want you to sway away from the pivotal issue. Let’s come back to that Indian point of view. By the preceding paragraph, I was intending to give an infinitesimal introduction to those who guard us. Or those who simply protect us.
They are true Indians. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the point of paying back, we show our backs. But, when it comes to blatant criticism or hypocritical advice, we are the most responsible citizens. Let me ask you, “Is it only the duty of soldiers to perish for the nation?” How many times have you sincerely paid your income tax? People somewhat near to 1.5% pay income tax. And you don’t end up while speaking upon any national issue.

Every Small Ripple, Add Up To Form A Wave

When we describe anything, we can divide them into two components, that are macro and Micro. In fact, micro components show solidarity to form a macro component. Everyone knows about geopolitics, history, and politics. Ostensibly, when it comes to micro issues, we generally ignore them.
Let me clarify, I am not accusing you if you are good. But, mistakenly or deliberately, we have posed encumbrance certain times. We people are the micro components of our country, we are the ones responsible for any major change. There are many people who galvanize people for some silly motives. Unfortunately, people fall prey to them as well.

We Indians Are Religious Or Communal?

We, Indians are quite busy having quarrels related to religious issues. Yes, India is a secular county and I am proud of this fact. Yes, we are a democracy and everyone has a say in it. But, don’t you think that we are exercising it in a quite absurd way? Some anti-nationalists, who have nothing to do with religious issues, speak upon them. Certainly, they do this to promote distrust. And we blatantly go with the flow, because we are very much communal.
Believe me, there is nothing as great as our nation. God is certainly the greatest, but the same has nothing to do with communalism, violence, temples, and masjids. If you have a belief in God, you should restrict yourself to love and peace.
These things crack the very essence of our unity. “There is a narrow passage between being spiritual and communal.

-2 + 2 Equals 0, Not 4

The above-mentioned equation is capable enough of elucidating my message. We work in a messed up manner. Either we are slow or we don’t feel it right to work towards a common goal. Everyone wants a favor, and that too gigantic. We lack synergy to a cynical extent.
Thanks to the Indian bureaucratic system, even a small business is delayed by so many years because of their so-called procedures. This gives a severe endorsement to many anti-national issues, like corruption due to this gigantic chain. Well, there are many loopholes in the same. I won’t elucidate more than that.

Moreover, the land encroachment done by many national and state organizations gives an open testimony to the fact that people are not at all conscious about our armed forces. As a matter of fact, the land encroached, and that too of armed forces happens to be the largest land encroachment in the whole subcontinent.

Unity And Diversity In India

We are Indians first!

We lack unity to the utmost level. I don’t see any sort of political unity in the mindsets of our political parties and leaders when it comes to a greater cause. Political leaders who are meant to lead the nation, stand nowhere when their qualities are being checked. People go for violent riots. And, I don’t believe that they do it for some genuine reasons. They never see, what impact it leaves on our economy and national interests. Indeed, there is diversity, and this diversity is unified by democracy. Unfortunately, we are losing very essence of the same.

Substandard Is What Our Ammunition Is

Image for representation purpose only.

Explicitly, the quality of the ammunition is grimly substandard. When our soldiers lack confidence in the weapon, how can you expect the same to risk his life on the basis of the same? The recent report by the Indian Army articulately expresses the intricacy of the ambient situations. Firstly, we lack good state of the art weapons in our arsenal. Secondly, there is a deficiency of sustainable weaponry too. Exacerbating the situation is the fact, that whatever we have, we can’t rely on that too. Armed forces have shown severe concerns pertaining to the same. There is always a need for the best.

New cutting edge technology, highly required.

We Are Always Under Watch

Social media more bane than boon?

Moreover, there is a campaign going on pertaining to the promotion of distrust amongst Indians. Now don’t ask me who is running the campaign. The world knows very well about our very peaceful and a victim of terrorism neighbour who is badly daunted by us. Before it, it’s everlasting friend was trying to hack our lives. It has shown it’s profound friendship with Pakistan by donating obsolete weapons and that too stolen and useless. By the way, I am not going to target those fellows today. I have something more important to say.
It should not be forgotten that internal enemies are more menacing than external ones. We can’t see them actually.

Introspect Yourself

The next time you debate on any religious topic, on something grimly national, please contemplate. We too have a responsibility. Responsibilities are not solely restricted to armed forces. Be wise to choose. You can choose to press a single button and spread something anti-national or you can choose to be a patriot. The decision is solely yours.
But if the inferno of these riots and terrorism steps at your door, directly or indirectly, remember that decision was solely yours. Someone’s plight can be understood only when you enter into that certain someone’s shoes. We are a robust nation. If we Indians get united, no power in this whole world can shatter us as a nation. We are not immune to these sorts of things. We always have a choice.
And for those who really want to do something for humanity or for the nation, I wish to say only one thing, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”



Chaitanya Shukla

I am a defence aspirant and an army enthusiast. I am committed to ardently work for my nation and for my people! From Rashtriya Military School Chail.

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  1. your article is too much good but the problem in Indiana is that if any person say another person that he is abusing you or talking something bad about you they do not discuss the matter with them they start fighting if this thing stops and people of all religion stand together any power cannot stand in front of india

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