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Glimpse Of All 16 LCA Tejas Of Flying Daggers

No. 45 Squadron Indian Air Force (Flying Daggers) is a Fighter Squadron internally based at Sulur AFS, Tamil Nadu. The squadron operates the indigenous HAL Tejas fighter from 1 July 2016. The squadron was initially based at Bangalore, Karnataka, and later shifted to its main base in Sulur from 1 June 2018.

The squadron has 16 Tejas aircraft in currently in service.

1. LA-5001

LCA Tejas LA-5001

2. LA-5002

LCA Tejas LA-5002

3. LA-5003

LCA Tejas LA-5003

4. LA-5004

LCA Tejas LA-5004

5. LA-5005

LCA Tejas LA-5005

6. LA-5006

LCA Tejas LA-5006

7. LA-5007

LCA Tejas LA-5007

8. LA-5008

LCA Tejas LA-5008

9. LA-5009

LCA Tejas LA-5009

10. LA-5010

LCA Tejas LA-5010

11. LA-5011

LCA Tejas LA-5011

12. LA-5012

LCA Tejas LA-5012

13. LA-5013

LCA Tejas LA-5013

14. LA-5014

LCA Tejas LA-5014

15. LA-5015

LCA Tejas LA-5015

16. LA-5016

LAC Tejas LA-5016

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