Exposed: China Gifting Galwan Valley Stones: A Propaganda?

Hello defence lovers! Recently China has announced that it will gift Galwan valley stones to 10 lucky winners on its Chinese copy of Twitter. In this article let us discuss what circumstances have forced China to resort to such desperate propaganda measures. We will expose Chinese Propaganda and will try to understand the hidden motives behind it.


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Recently China posted a video, or rather a propaganda film on its highly restricted social media, in which Chinese soldiers were seen commemorating the Galwan valley incident. As the Chinese claimed, the area in which that propaganda film recording was done was the same spot where the Galwan valley clash had occurred. However, it was revealed later that the spot was shown in the video was several kilometres inside the illegally occupied Chinese territory (the Aksai Chin area which is under Chinese control from 1962 onwards). It was also revealed that the soldiers featured in the video were not actually soldiers. PLA used Chinese actors in the video. All these tactics are part of China’s information warfare to demoralise its enemies and at the same time motivate its highly demotivated fighting force.

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Now in response, the Indian army released pictures of Indian soldiers unfurling the Tricolour at the original spot where the Galwan valley clash had taken place. The Indian soldiers can be seen deployed with the latest sig 716 rifles, in tough weather conditions. These pictures were much louder than the fake Chinese propaganda video. Now China had to do something.

Gifting Galwan Valley Stones?

Now let us discuss why China is gifting Galwan valley stones. China wants to create a sense of patriotism among their citizen. So it asked its citizen to share a “Chinese Propaganda Poster” on its own version on Twitter. The top 10 users who would have the most re-tweets will be given the stones.

Now China wants its citizens to proudly display these stones as souvenirs of a great battle. It wants to portray the Galwan valley clash as a great battle in which China became victorious. It also wants to display that a handful of Chinese soldiers fiercely fought until death, trying to defend their territories.

But in reality, it was a huge defeat for China as it suffered one of the largest casualties since the 1979 Sino-Vietnam War. Independent and neutral sources claim that China lost over 40 soldiers in the clash. The figures are also reflected from the ceremonies as if china had lost dozens of soldiers, not only 5.

China has been defending its claim that it had “lost only 5 soldiers and it was a Chinese victory” very fierce. Those who questioned the Communist party were sent behind the bars. Those who raised questions about the actors in the propaganda video were also sent to jails or disappeared overnight.


If India and Pakistan start gifting stones to their citizens for every single clash and skirmish, there will be no place to keep these stones. At least in India, we don’t dishonour the fallen soldiers by making jokes about their supreme sacrifice. We hope that someday China will learn to respect their fallen soldiers and refrain from doing such propaganda as gifting Galwan valley stones.

China needs to understand that the feeling of Patriotism or national pride is a sublime feeling that can never be taught forcefully. It comes naturally and voluntarily. In India, this feeling is natural for their Bravehearts, unlike china.


Sheershoo Deb

I am a defense aspirant preparing to be an officer in the prestigious Indian armed forces. Earning the prestigious blue uniform is my dream.

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