Explained: “China Is Not India’s Biggest Security Threat”?

Hello defence lovers! Recently Chief of defence staff, General Bipin Rawat openly declared that China is India’s security threat. Reacting to that Chinese defence ministry had rejected CDS Bipin Rawat’s statement and called it “dangerous” and “irresponsible”. In this article, we are going to analyse the Chinese reaction in detail and understand why we just cannot trust this statement.

Addressing the monthly press conference of the Chinese defence ministry, Senior Colonel Wu Qian said that Rawat’s comments were “irresponsible and dangerous”, and that could “incite geopolitical confrontation”.

Wu, a spokesperson of Beijing’s defence ministry, added that China has lodged its “solemn representations” with India against Rawat’s comments. He said that the comments violate the strategic guidelines of the leaders of the two countries, which hold that China and India do not constitute a threat to each other.

As reported by the Scroll
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“The unprovoked hype of the so-called ‘Chinese military threat’ by Indian officials seriously violates the strategic guidelines of the leaders of the two countries on the ‘not a threat to each other,

“It is irresponsible and dangerous to instigate a geopolitical confrontation. We expressed firm opposition to this and made solemn representations to the Indian side,”

“China’s position on the China-India boundary issue is clear and unambiguous: The Chinese border troops are determined to safeguard national sovereignty and security. At the same time, they are committed to maintaining peace and tranquillity in the border area and make great efforts to ease and cool down the situation,

“As a neighbouring country, we hope that India and China will meet each other halfway, jointly maintain peace and tranquillity in the border area, and jointly maintain the sound development of bilateral relations,”

Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson of Chinese defence Ministry (As reported by the Hindustan Times)

China’s Information Warfare

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China is way ahead of India in Information Warfare. We have already discussed this issue in detail. Though the statement is hypocritic in nature, it successfully augments China in building a narrative that India is the aggressor, not China itself. There is no delay from China in issuing such counter statements. However, we don’t see such an attitude from the Indian government. We have to work on this to counter China in Information Warfare.

A Hypocritic Statement?

Let us understand why this statement “China is not India’s biggest security threat” is hypocritical. To understand we have to first discuss the power balance of the region first. In the post-world war era, the soviet union emerged as the mightiest force in Asia. In that phase, China was recovering from the wounds of its long and bloody civil war. As the Soviet Union started to decline, China began to grow through its manufacturing sector. Now in the 21st Century, India is the only country that has the capability to challenge China. India is the biggest obstacle for China’s to establish its hegemony. Militarily if not stronger, then India is as powerful as China. China just cannot play its bullying tactics with India as it plays with the ASEAN countries and countries in the South China Sea. Thus definitely China sees India as a hostile nation and will continue to have an aggressive posture towards India.

Hidden Motives of China

Now let us understand what are the hidden motives of China behind this statement. Deception is one of the core policies of Communist China. Thus following Sun Tsu’s principles, the Communist Party is trying to deceive the Indian leadership by issuing such statements. Since the Galwan valley incident, India has activated its panic mode, in which it is rapidly boosting its infrastructure at LAC.

For decades the Indian leadership saw Pakistan as the primary security threat. Now with China’s growing hunger for land and power, India has finally realized that China is India’s primary security threat. Pakistan’s aggression towards India is also a part of a proxy war supported by none other than China.

As Indian leadership has finally woken up, India will now in the long run try to match the capabilities of China. The defence policies of India will be now China-centric instead of being centred around Pakistan. Pakistan is not in the state to afford any conflict with India as its economy is on the verge of collapsing.


Thus we can say the statement issued by the defence ministry of China was a desperate attempt to pacify India. China just hadn’t imagined that India will challenge China at the LAC to such an extent. China has wrong estimated India’s will to fight. Now with such bold statements coming out of India’s leadership, China has resorted to its deception and confusion tactics. As Indians, we must not be a victim of China’s vicious deception tricks. Our armed forces are well aware of these tactics and thus are well prepared to handle any situation, be it a two front full-blown war.



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