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Decoding India’s New Non-Lethal Weapons For Indian Armed Forces

No Indian can ever forget the supreme sacrifice of 20 soldiers in the Galwan valley clash in June 2020. Ironically, the Chinese troops followed the no use of bullets policy instead used traditional weapons like iron rods, spikes. Although China didn’t break the silence and never disclosed a number of casualties on their side. Soon after the face-off, Indian armed forces asked for unconventional weapons for troops.

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Recently, a video of nonlethal weapons by news agency ANI took social media to the storm which inspired content and memes. The company Apastern private limited unveiled the traditional weapons for security forces.

A Noida based firm has developed the following equipment under the make in India initiative:


A battery-operated device which is used for tasing the aggressive enemy and blocking their vehicles. Trishul is inspired by the traditional and mythological weapon of lord Shiva.

Trishul (Photo:ANI)


Mythologically, the Vajra is a mighty weapon of Lord Indra. It is an electric metal rod that discharges current within permissible limits. It is used for tasing as well as man-to-man combat. Besides, the spikes on the metal rod are capable of puncturing tyres of bulletproof armored vehicles.


It is an electric stick that is operated by a safety switch. Two types of sticks Dand V1 and Dand V2  remain charged up to 8 hours and are waterproof.


It is a special kind of shield for protection against stones. It is an electrically operated shield that discharges light. Also, this light makes enemies blind for some time.

Snapper Punch

It is worn like protective winter gloves which are battery drawn. The fierce punches render electric shock to the rivalries.

Snapper Punch for soldiers

The company’s chief technological officer Mohit Kumar while displaying the weapons clearly mentioned that these non-lethal weapons cause temporary ineffectiveness but don’t lead to death. These special equipment are for use of security forces and law enforcement agencies but no other individual or the general public will have access to the weapons.

Necessity Of Non-Lethal Weapons

The necessity of non-lethal weapons was felt after the stand-off along lac when people liberation army attacked Indian soldiers unethically. The use of such weapons was completely unexpected by soldiers. As this kind of weapon does not cause serious injuries or death but can make rivals unconscious for some time. The use of these weapons during deployments will give a reflection of the level of preparation of Indian soldiers.

Indian troops will now easily counter the threats and peril from the adversaries. These weapons can postpone or avoid some major or bigger incidents on both sides. The development of non-lethal weapons should be considered as a trailer of heavy loss to all those who are eyeing the territory of India.

India can leave no stone unturned as far as the security of the nation is concerned because India is buffered between two rival friends. Tech companies are helping security forces to be one step ahead of their adversaries. Holistic preparedness of armed forces will give a befitting reply to the opponents.


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