Chinese PLA Troops Used ‘Laser Weapons’ Against Indian Soldiers In Ladakh

In the video clip from the program, which is going viral on social media, Canrong claims the Chinese military “Laser weapons,” when the Indian soldiers were in control of the top peaks in Ladakh and were impossible to be thwarted using conventional weapons. 

“Our military emitted the microwaves from the base of the mountain towards the mountain peak where Indian soldiers were taking positions, converting it into an ‘oven,’ which resulted in the Indian soldiers quickly withdrawing from the dominating positions,” he claims in the program. 

Laser weapons are a type of directed energy weapons, which aim at their targets with highly focused energy in the form of sonic, laser or microwaves. The working principle of directed energy weapons is to gather energy into small beams or microwave beams and concentrate the energy at one point to destroy the electronic equipment of the combat platform. 

At present, microwave weapons are widely used on China’s large surface warships. Type 055 is equipped with a ship-borne high-power microwave (HPM) anti-missile system, which combines microwave weapons with close-in guns and air defence missiles to form an integrated anti-missile.  

Multiple Chinese media outlets reported the PLA’s “innovative use of microwave weapons” to force the Indian army to retreat, saying it could have been for the first time such weapons were used. The country is making rapid strides in the development of directed energy weapons. In fact, many variants of the weapons have already been deployed on surface ships and may be installed on drones in the near future. 

If true, this will not be the first time that laser weapons were used to paralyze an enemy, there have been multiple instances in the past.

The US diplomats posted in China and Cuba began experiencing severe headaches, vertigo, memory loss, dizziness and other problems, since the beginning of 2016. It is suspected that these officials were subject to laser weapons attack by Chinese forces. 

A recent report claimed that an investigation by the CIA had revealed that the Russian agents were using a top-secret laser weapon to inflict brain damage on American spies and diplomats across the globe – and even on US soil.

The Soviets, in as early as the 1970s, bombarded the US Embassy in Moscow with microwaves for decades, as per reports. The waves helped implant listening bugs in the embassy walls, paving the way for the US intelligence agencies to sneak into Russian communication networks. 

The US also has already deployed working directed energy weapons. This year, the country sent various kinds of weapons – High Energy Laser (HELWS), PHASER high power microwave (PHASER), and the Tactical High Power Operational Responder (THOR) to protect its bases from drone attacks. 

While HELWS, developed by defence contractor Raytheon, is a laser weapon system, mounted on a Polaris MRZR vehicle, PHASER, is a microwave energy weapon, developed by the same company, it acts as a microwave radar transmitter, and is deployed on top of shipping containers. The third weapon, THOR, is the product of the US Air Force Research Lab and developed to act as a “counter-swarm electromagnetic weapon.

The EurAsian Times

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