Chinese Propaganda: Another Attempt To Cover Up Losses

China has recently resumed its famous Chinese propaganda machinery against India. Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government tried to threaten India. Also, China is posting videos of Galwan valley clash again. Incidentally, at the same time, there are reports of Chinese soldiers facing the worst health crisis due to the harsh climatic conditions of eastern Ladakh.

In this article, we will try to bust the Chinese propaganda. We will see why Global Times has come up with an article like this. We will try to understand the ongoing health crisis in Chinese troops. Apart from this, we will also see why China is circulating old videos from Galwan valley clash now.

Article By Global Times

On October 11, an editorial was published in Global Times. The article revolves around certain points. Let’s analyze them.

  • Blaming Ongoing Standoff On India- Article says that the standoff is still going on because India had not developed “correct attitude”. We know that China started and has been stretching this standoff till date. But from tone of the article is seems that continuing this deployment is getting bitter for China day by day. This is the reason now China is blaming the whole thing on India and trying to find a face saver.
  • Unwillingness To Solve Border Issue- Article says, “It (India) will not get the border the way it wants”. China also tries to stick to the older position that both countries should keep aside border issue and keep working on other aspects of bilateral relations like trade. It clearly shows that China is getting desperate by India’s new position on border issue. India especially after Galwan valley clash doesn’t see border issue as separate from other aspects of bilateral relations.
  • Possible Military Conflict- The article mentions possibility of war twice. It says, “If it (India) starts the war, it will definitely lose”. This shows China doesn’t want to get involved in any military conflict with India at this point of time. Its troops are not prepared for such an adventure. It knows that Golgappas this time will taste much spicy.

Timing of this article is also interesting. On September 30, the Indian Army chief made a statement that border incidences will continue till a border agreement is signed. Also, the 13th Corps commander level meeting took place on 10th October i.e. just one day before the publishing of this article. It was clear that India was pushing aggressively towards ending this standoff and this article is an attempt by China to foil this process.

One may get amazed about what is the reason behind China being such a coward. The possible reason behind this move may be the reported ongoing health crisis in PLA.

PLA Facing Massive Health Crisis In Ladakh

Since last year especially after the operation by Indian forces on 30th August in Kailash ranges, there was news that high altitude was taking a toll on Chinese soldiers. They were not trained and capable of operating in such a climate for such long periods.

Tweet exposing health crisis in PLA

The reports are coming that PLA troops are facing a massive health crisis in Ladakh. As per the above tweet by Geopolitical updates, one former commander of Western Theatre Command of PLA is dead while another is critically ill. 68 troops are reportedly dead in the last one year due to illness. 21 battalions have been changed in the last one year. Thus now PLA is not left with any fresh troops at Western Theatre Command which looks after the border with India.

Thus Chinese PLA is facing a severe health crisis. China is spreading propaganda to cover up this crisis which had reportedly crippled their military capability.

Why China Is Circulating Videos From Galwan Valley Clashes Now?

Recently China issued new videos from Galwan valley. In one such video, claimed to be shot near the incident site, Chinese soldiers were shown paying tributes to their fallen soldiers. There might be two main reasons behind this move.

Firstly, China wants to portray India as an aggressor and blame it for the entire conflict. Secondly, China wants to showcase its military presence in the area. It may be aimed at hiding the current health crisis their troops are facing in eastern Ladakh.


We know very well how China uses its propaganda machinery to show itself as a victim and others as an aggressor. Actually, the reality is the opposite. China uses deception tactics. Add per this tactic, one should show that it is powerful when actually it is not and vice versa. Now also, China’s forces are not ready to fight. Thus this Chinese propaganda is trying to threaten and deter India from taking any military action against it as it knows it won’t be able to handle one.


Prasad Gore

A defence enthusiast. Writing on Defence, Aviation and International Relations. M.A., NET (Defence and strategic studies).

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