China’s Aid To Taliban Decoded: A New Sponsor Of Terrorism In The Region?

Hello defence lovers! As expected, China has announced $31 million aid for Taliban-run Afghanistan. In this article, we are going to analyze this situation and understand the possible consequences for India and the entire world. Thus we will explain why China is the new sponsor of terrorism.

Taliban’s Cash Crunch

As discusses earlier in the article Chinese Eyes On Bagram Airbase: Implications On India the Taliban-run Afghanistan is facing a severe financial crisis. All the foreign exchange reserves of the previous Afghanistan government were stored at the US Federal reserves in the form of cash, gold, bonds, and other investments. Now according to American Law, due to the terrorist occupation of Afghanistan, all these assets have been frozen automatically making them inaccessible to the Taliban. It is estimated that the Afghan government had $10 billion forex reserves. It roughly takes $5 billion annually to run Afghanistan. Now when the Taliban occupied Kabul, it found all the state treasuries empty.

Moreover, since the fall of Kabul, the Taliban has paused all trade with the other countries killing all the sources of revenue. In such a scenario the country is heading towards hyperinflation. Previously Afghanistan also received million-dollar aids from various countries including India for infrastructure development and humanitarian purpose. Now no country is going to give a single penny to the Taliban-run Afghanistan. China is the only hope of the Taliban as Pakistan is the world’s greatest beggar whose entire economy runs on donations and loans.

Chinese Interests In Afghanistan

China has many interests in Afghanistan. The country is mineral-rich and the Chinese will definitely try to exploit these mineral reserves. China will definitely want Afghanistan to become a part of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Slowly China will pump in Billion dollars of loans that Afghanistan can never return and thus it will get another victim of its debt trap strategy. In that way, China will slowly transform Afghanistan into its colony just like it is doing with Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Hence China will be able to partially quench its thirst for land.

China also wants the Taliban not to help the East Turkistan Movement in the Xinjian province of China. It wants the Taliban to be quiet on the 21st Century Holocaust of the Uighur Muslims. For that purpose even if China has to become the sponsor of terrorism, it will fund the Taliban and be the sponsor of terrorism.

China’s $31 Million Aid To Taliban

China on Wednesday announced USD 31 million as aid to Afghanistan, its first after the Taliban seized power in Kabul, as it backed the Afghan militant group’s interim government, saying it is a “necessary step” to restore order and “end anarchy”. Taking part in the first meeting of Foreign Ministers of the neighbouring countries on Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China will provide Afghanistan with 200 million yuan (USD 31 million) worth of grains, winter supplies, vaccines and medicines as per its requirements, official media reported.

As reported by The Economic Times

Now as anticipated China is providing the Taliban $31 million aid. For China’s enormous foreign exchange reserves this amount is just peanuts. Moreover, it’s an appetizer for the Taliban for future aids and investments. China’s foreign policy is spineless yet effective. Neither it has any ideals nor it adheres to any moral reasons. It only understands China’s benefit and its enemy’s destruction.

According to China, this aid is for humanitarian causes. But actually what will happen with this aid is very well known. It will be used to spread even more terrorism and kill innocent Afghan people who will speak against the Taliban. Thus China is the new sponsor of terrorism and hence is the biggest threat to the stability of the region.

China must remember that what goes around comes around. The aid which it is giving to the Taliban may be used to fund East Turkistan Movement in return. China must learn from the mistakes of the Soviet Union and America and refrain from becoming the next tomb in the Graveyard of the Empires


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