China Is Itself Responsible For Strong QAUD

Till now QUAD is informal group but all four members of QUAD looking forward to make it very strong group. It was established in 2007-08 with four members India ,Japan, Australia, and USA. Till now no headquarters are there now it seen that soon it will also formed.

China is an aggressor both in Ladakh and Taiwan, the Trump administration is not only offering support to its key partners in Indo-Pacific but also laying foundation to long term relationships with the middle-powers in the region. Trump administration has given a proposal to make QAUD a military group like NATO.

The QUAD partners chose to hold a physical meeting with Australian foreign minister Marise Payne going into a 14-day mandatory quarantine after her return from Tokyo (this shows the seriousness).

Ladakh’s military standoff is a threat to India then Chinese aggression on Taiwan are a matter of serious concern to both Japan and US with Australian at the receiving end on trade issue with Beijing. The Trump administration has been able to open diplomatic doors in the Indo-Pacific with QUAD partners and key ASEAN nation

China has expressed concern over Russia supplying S-400 missile system to India while at the same time asking for the latest S-500 missile system to protect its borders. While the range of S-400 system is 400 kilometres, the S-500 has 600-kilometre range and it is not difficult now to China’s adversaries across land and sea.

India, Japan and Australia don’t have big military like China, events of the past eight months have fundamentally changed the relationship of QUAD partners with China.

The Chinese aggression in Eastern Ladakh this year changed its policy of being defensive towards China. The QUAD meeting made it clear that Japan under Yoshihide Suga and Australia under Scot Morrison not tolerate Chinese pressure.

India can invite Australia for Malabar naval exercise which is going to held next month in Bay of Bengal.



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