BSF To Start Pilot Project To Prevent Shifting Sand Dunes Along Border

The Border Security Force (BSF) will start a pilot project to deal with the shifting sand dunes on the international border adjoining Jaisalmer.

Under the pilot project, local saplings and stubble grass will be planted in one square kilometre area.

From March to June, there is a strong dust storm from Pakistan. Due to this, the sand dunes keep shifting from their place. It is more visible in the Shahgarh Bulge of Jaisalmer and other adjoining areas.

According to BSF, due to the strong dust storms and winds coming from across the border, the large gorges of sand keep changing their places. Strong winds also damage the border fence. This creates a threat of infiltration along the borders.

During his visit to Jaisalmer, Pankaj Gumar, Inspector General, Border Security Force Frontier Headquarters, Rajasthan had informed that in view of the threat of cross-border infiltration and smuggling of drugs, a special technique for preventing sand dunes has been developed as a pilot project by the Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI). So that the problems of shifting sand dunes can be solved.

CAZRI has developed the technique of planting other shrubs including Murath grass. Their roots are very deep and sustain in less water. Their height will also be up to 2 to 3 feet so that smugglers and infiltrators cannot enter under their guise.


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