“Birds Threat To Aircraft”: Air Force Flags Delhi Open Dumping Before Event

The Indian Air Force (IAF) requested the citizens of Delhi, Ghaziabad, and the neighbouring areas today not to dump eatables or garbage in the open as it attracts birds, which might pose a serious threat to the flying aircraft during their rehearsals starting Friday for the Air Force Day celebrations.

Air Force Day is celebrated on October 8 every year. This year, the air display will begin at 8 am on October 8 when flag-bearing skydivers of the Akash Ganga team will drop out of the AN-32 aircraft in colourful canopies, according to a statement issued by the IAF.

“Birds pose a very serious threat to flying aircraft, especially at low levels. Eatables thrown out in the open attract birds,” it stated.

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To ensure the safety of the aircraft, pilots, and the people on the ground, the IAF requests all citizens of Delhi, Ghaziabad, and its neighbourhood not to dump eatables and garbage in the open, said the statement.

If they find any carcasses of dead animals lying in the open, they must report to the nearest air force unit or police station to arrange for its disposal, it mentioned.

“Also, please call/SMS officer-in-charge, bird hazard combat team on cell no: 9434378478,” it noted.

Rehearsals for the display will commence from Friday, the IAF said.

“Area over which aircraft will be flying at low levels are Wazirpur bridge-Karwalnagar-Afjalpur-Hindan, Shamli-Jiwana-Chandinagar-Hindan, Hapur-Philkua-Ghaziabad-Hindan,” it stated.

The flypast on October 8 will include heritage aircraft, modern transport aircraft, and frontline fighter aircraft, according to the statement.

“The ceremony will conclude at 10.52 am with spellbinding aerobatic display,” it said.


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