Assam Rifles Raid Two Drug Mafia Storehouses, Six People Arrested

When the Golden Triangle, or at least, a part of it, is not far away, drugs will be an issue. Assam Rifles raided two storehouses belonging to the drugs mafia and found about 13 kg brown sugar or unrefined heroin worth nearly Rs 47 crore. The total value of the seizure is an estimated Rs 167 crore. The drug lords of the area make the most of the porous border with Myanmar and also, have strong links with some insurgent groups in the area.

Intelligence reports had spoken of two safe houses in the Moreh area, about 300 meters from each other. Two operations were planned: Thunder 1 and Thunder 2. The first house had a hidden area where the searchers found a huge stash of Methamphetamine tablets worth Rs 39 crore, jewellery, currency notes, a gun and other material.

At the other location, there were even more Methamphetamine tablets and also, powder, worth Rs 40 crore and enormous amounts of brown sugar– granules and the more finished white powder. The powder, over 10.5 kgs, was being packaged for distribution. A Walther pistol with live ammunition, CCTV cameras, jewellery and currency notes were also found.

Six people, including some from Myanmar, have been arrested. The raid is likely to be a huge setback for the drug mafia in the area.


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