Army Plans To Commission Women In Artillery Regiments

After tearing into the skies in fighter jets and serving on frontline warships, women may soon be handling big booming howitzers and deadly rocket systems. In a major move, the Army now plans to commission women officers into its artillery regiments.

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“After permanent commission (PC) for women officers, the plan to induct women in artillery regiments is part of the overall process towards making the Army as gender-neutral as possible,” a senior officer told TOI. There is, however, no move to induct women officers in the main ‘combat arms’ of infantry, armoured corps (tanks), and mechanised infantry (infantry combat vehicles). Similarly, submarines in the Navy remain a ‘no-go’ area for them as of now.

While artillery is designated as a ‘combat-support arm’ in the 12-lakh strong Army, it is on the frontlines of war-fighting with units deployed along the unresolved volatile borders with both China and Pakistan.

There are over 280 artillery regiments in the Army.



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