Key Differences Between Permanent Commission & Short Service Commission In Indian Army

DefenceXP Author / 10 September 2019

Hello Defence Lovers, Many times you read in a newspaper or hear from your friend that Indian Army has published advertisement for Permanent Commission (PC) or Short Service Commission (SSC). So, have you ever wondered what Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission are?  Aspirants appearing for any Indian Army exam are required to know that a officer can get commissioned as permanently commissioned or as a Short Service Commission (SSC) officer. Now, a days there is an increase in candidates showing their passion towards defence forces and most of them are aware about the difference between these two entries but if you don’t know the difference between these entries, then with this article we will help you to understand the difference between these two entries.

Permanent Commission :
  • A Permanent Commission means a career in the Army till you retire, it means if you get selected through Permanent Commission entry then you have the option to serve your nation up to the age of retirement which is 60 years as of now.
  • For Permanent Commission, you have to join National Defence Academy, Pune or Indian Military Academy, Dehradun or Officers Training Academy, Gaya.
  • For Permanent Commission Officers have to compulsorily serve for 20 years ( if one has to avail pension), and then up to the age of superannuation.

  • For the officer rank, the age of retirement depends on the rank you hold at that moment.
  • If you are a Colonel (and equivalent) and below, you retire at 54 years age.  If you are holding higher rank, automatically you get extensions and the Chief retires when he reaches 62 years of age or on the day he completes three years as the Chief.
  • An officer who joined with Permanent Commission has no option to switch over to Short Service Commission.  Of course, the officer could ask for an early release (premature retirement) giving valid reasons and this may or may not be accepted.
  • There are following entries through which you can apply for Permanent Commission :

(1.) National Defence Academy

(2.) 10+2 (TES) Entry

(3.) Combined Defence Service Examination (CDSE)

(4.) University Entry Scheme (Pre Final Year Students Only)

(5.) Technical Graduate Course

(6.) AEC (Men)

Short Service Commission (SSC) :
  • In SSC you have the option of Joining the Army and serving as a Commissioned Officer for 10/14 years.
  • At the end 10 yrs you have 3 options. Either elect for a Permanent Commission or opt out or have the option of 4 years extension. They can resign at any time during this period of 4 yrs extension.
  • A Short Service Commission empowers you with analytical thinking, planning skills, administrative and organizational abilities.Qualities which will make you an invaluable asset for any organization that you join after the Army and there are opportunities to side step to an alternate career for which Army will also help you.

  • For SSC Officers have to compulsorily serve for 10 years after which you can extend it for maximum 4 more years.
  • When you join up for SSC, you are agreeing that you will be in service for those specified number of years (10 years or 14 years) and thereafter, you will go on retirement.
  • SSC officers gets eligible for permanent commission upon completion of 10 years of service.
  • If your performance during service has been excellent and there are vacancies in the higher ranks that you would have reached by the time you finish 14 years, you might be given a choice to convert the SSC to PC or probably granted an extension of a couple of years — which you may choose to reject if you don’t like what is on offer.
  • In SSC max rank that can be reached is Brigadier. After retirement from SSC you not be entitled to facilities like ECHS,pension, and other facilities.
  • Short Service Commission is good option for those who want to see the life of Indian Armed forces, and after that want to discover other career paths.
  • There are following entries through which you can apply for Short Service Commission :
  • (1.) Short Service Commission (Non Technical) Men & Women

    (2.) Short Service Commission (Technical) Men & Women

    (3.) NCC Entry (Men & Women)

    (4.) JAG Entry (Men & Women)

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