12 Things That Indian Army Ask Of You

DefenceXP Author / 10 September 2019

Hello Defence Lovers, Being an Army Officer is about the qualities you possess, not only the qualifications you have. It’s about keeping calm, whatever the circumstances, thinking clearly and acting decisively and remember indian army is a life of a real man. Being the future officers of this country you’ll need the following as first hand qualities.

(1.) Pride: that is the first quality that goes into the making of an army officer, take pride in doing everything.

(2.) Moral Courage: For making correct decisions.

(3.) Compassion: For helping fellow officers and subordinates in time of need.

(4.) Quick Judgement: For knowing your enemies next move and making quick decisions.

(5.) Determination: For leading the troops into battlefield.(6.) Responsibility: For being responsible for your men and for what happens on field.

(7.) Leadership skills: Remember you have to lead battalions of men into war.

(8.) Patience: In bad times you will need to keep calm and wait for the right moment.

(9.) Obedience: For taking senior officers word as your responsibility.

(10.) Optimism: When bad times take toll on life, don’t let it take one on your morale because remember your morale effects your troops drastically.

(11.) Alacrity: You have to always stay alert to your surroundings.

(12.) RESPECT: Last but not the least because that’s what we all live for.

Jai Hind
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