‘Antim Pag’ The First Step To Being A Fauji

DefenceXP Author / 10 September 2019

Hello Defence Lovers, In this article we will talk about ‘Antim Pag’ which symbolises the commencement of Military life in the great Indian Armed Forces.

  • Antim Pag or the Final Step is the last step for the Cadets at various Military Institutions like IMA, OTA and NDA stepping on which they become an inductee in the force where they will be serving for the sake of the motherland’s safety, security till their death.
  •  ‘Antim Pag’ literally means Last Step. It is embarked on a granite slab at the military institutions like IMA & OTA and the gentlemen cadets pass over it in their POP.
  • It officially marks you as an officer of the Indian Army and it is the Pratham Pag or first step to being a fauji.
  • Antim-pag or last steps are the ceremonial steps taken by the gentlemen cadets on the last day of the academy where they underwent rigorous training and officer making. ​
  • On the last day of the academy they perform marching parade on the beats of the band after that they are given their stars.
  • The reviewing officer reminds them of the enormous duty they shall be undertaking on their shoulders.
  • In the end they cross the antim pag after which they become the proud officers of the Indian army.
  • Every cadets who graduate from the military academy must cross the ‘Antim pag ’. In fact, they do not become officers until they ceremoniously cross the ‘Antim Pag’ plaque.
  •  In simple terms, its a final step before commissioning and for a cadet it’s a fruit of his hardwork, dedication and patience.
Jai Hind
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