10 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Spoken English For SSB Interview

DefenceXP Author / 10 September 2019

Hello Defence Lovers, Communication in English has become a must nowadays, whether be it in the private sector or the defence field or with your friends. The value of speaking in English has become really important. English speaking has always been a problem for candidates preparing for SSB. There are many cases when a candidate gets screened out because of hesitation in speaking English. A little hesitation can make you cause interruption during expressing your ideas or view, which can be one of the reasons for your rejection. But, as English is the preferred language during the whole SSB process, you all need to be proficient in this language. Since there is nothing impossible in the world similarly speaking in English can easily be developed by an individual by following certain steps.

(1.) Drop The Fear Of Speaking :

  • It is a noted fact amongst most of the candidates they fear speaking in the English,  and hence there is lack of confidence and automatically a fear comes in the mind of candidates that they might be laughed on if they speak wrong But if one does not speak the language one cannot improve his communication skills.
  • The only way to attain perfection is to speak the language and one learns by making mistakes.
  • So go ahead and speak without any fear.
  • As you know Rome was not built in a day. Even people with well spoken english also try to improve on a daily basis.
(2.) Make A Conscious Effort Of Thinking In English :
  • While communicating in the English Language many candidates tend to make a sentence in their mother tongue and then try changing that in English.
  • When communicating in English language, many students tend to think in their mother tongue and speak in English.
  • So should try and thinking in the English language in the sub conscious mind rather than mother tongue as it would help reduce the time for conversion.
(3.) Watch English Movies, News :
  • As you are making yourself ready for the SSB, the first suggestion is to keep yourself updated with daily news.
  • In that case, prefer watching English news channels and try to understand the news.
  • With that, your eyes will focus on watching the news title, and your ears will heed on the English words which in return will command your brain to find out the meaning of what you listened.
  • Not only news, you can also start watching English movies, which will supplement yourself with understanding different words of English.
  • As, young aspirants finds it interesting to watch movies, so now onward start watching English movies which will not only enhance your ability to speak efficiently but also add a habit of “Watching Movies” within your PIQ form.
(4.) Practice Reading Loudly :
  • To gain a good command over the language, always practice speaking loudly.
  • Whenever you read anything in English, speak in a louder voice, so that you can hear your own sound.
  • With that, you will be able to understand each and every word of the content.
  • Also, it has been proved that speaking loudly increase your confidence level. So, start reading your point of interest in a lower voice.
(5.) Increase Your Vocabulary :
  • One can improve his communication skills by improving ones vocabulary.
  • Read through newspapers for new words and keep noting them down in a register along with the meaning and the sentence connected with it.
  • So one gets to use them in proper order when required .
  • Also noting them down helps remembering more words for usage.
  • Try using the newly learnt words in your normal conversation. It will not only help boost your confidence but also show an insight of your potential.
(6.) Speak Slowly :
  • For beginners its the best trick to learn and speak fluent English, one should speak slowly and should pronounce each word clearly so as to develop better skills of speaking.
  • Speaking fast for beginners will lead to cutting down of words and the pronunciation tends to get overlapped, also while  speaking slowly an individual can think much before hand of what topic would he like to speak after his current line of speech.
(7.) Speak In Front Of Mirror :
  • It has always been prescribed that in case you want to increase your confidence, speaking skills, Mirror is the best guide for you.
  • So, make Mirror your best friend which can renovate you completely as it shows the real YOU.
  • If you have the dare to chase yourself in front of a mirror, then you can be the most successful person over the globe.
  • Speaking in front of the mirror enables you to overcome hesitation and improve your speaking skill set.
(8.) Speak English With your Friends, Siblings, Colleagues :
  • All your practice is half successful if you don’t overcome your hesitation in speaking with people within your surroundings.
  • For that, you should start speaking with your friends, college buddies, siblings in English and encourage them also to revert in the same language.
  • With that, you will not only overcome your hesitation and get a good command over the language, but you will also become a helping hand for many others who are facing the same situation nearby you.
(9.) Start Writing a Diary :
  • Diary writing is a hobby of many Defense Aspirants. But to grab a good command over English, you should start writing Diary on daily basis in English only.
  • It will not only allow you to express your thoughts in the form of words, but also will help you in thinking different English words that can be used while writing.
(10.) Always Use a Dictionary :
  • You have started reading English stuff, but you will collide with countless words whose meanings are unknown to you.
  • For that purpose, always take a Dictionary along with you while reading anything.
  • As soon as you collide with an unknown word, check out its meaning from the dictionary and then try to make the meaning of that sentence.
  • Along with that, you can also make a habit to write one new sentence of your own with the newly discovered work.
  • With this habit, you will not only attain a good command over English, but also get well prepared for WAT (Word Association Test).

If you are the one who is having SSB in coming days, then start implementing these best tips and rock the SSB with full Josh, high Confidence and fluent English speaking ability.

Jai Hind
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