9 Reasons Of Failure In SSB Interview

DefenceXP Author / 10 September 2019

Hello Defence Lovers, SSB is one interview where it’s very difficult to make out the reason for your failure. Only a deep introspection can give you a slight hint of the reason. Interview is one of the trickiest and most important part of SSB, the same applies to GTO’s and Psych Tests!! Well jokes apart what I mean to say is that nothing in SSB is of a less important hence you should give your best in every sphere. But there are certain things in Interview which may for sure chuck out your chances of recommendation. These are:

(1.) Bad Posture And Dress:
  • Your way of walking into the room, sitting on the chair and your dress matters.
  • If you are walking stealthily, wearing an inappropriate dress and putting up a gloomy face that will sure cast a bad impression You are supposed to walk confidently (not proudly), in an erect and straight manner sit straight on the chair meant for you.
  • You can wear a formal dress in which you are comfortable mostly a light shirt and a dark trouser.
(2.) Lack Of Confidence:
  • When you step in your face should gloom with confidence.
  • If you are looking unduly nervous or worried then it will create an adverse impact.
  • Slight nervousness is normal but not much. Remember you have got nothing to lose, hence chuck out all worries and enjoy the interview.

(3.) Gullibility:

  • This means that you are bad in defending your opinions; the IO can easily mold your views to his own desire.
  • This is a case of rejection. Firstly you should be logical in your opinion and once you are sure then you must stick to your ideas however if you find that you have chosen a wrong side then you can agree with the IO but you must firstly choose a right opinion which can come only if you are logical.
(4.) Lack Of Self-Knowledge:
  • If you don’t know much about yourself that is about your marks, achievements or hobbies and sports which you have filled in PIQ then bye-bye! You are expected to match what you wrote in PIQ and have good knowledge about your hobbies, sports etc.
(5.) Blank About Family:
  • If a candidate doesn’t know about the work or occupation of parents or siblings then he/she is definitely not passable. You must be aware about your parents and siblings’ jobs, studies etc.
  • Also you must have the knowledge about positive and negative qualities of you family and friends. This you can prepare in advance.
(6.) Unaware About The Force You Have Applied For:
  • When going for a job in defense you are expected to have knowledge about the strengths of defense this includes aircraft, missiles, tanks, submarines and latest news about them.
  • Also read about the ranks and commands etc. Especially about the force (Army, Navy or Airforce) you have applied for.
(7.) Poor General Awareness:
  • Having a poor general awareness doesn’t qualifies you to be an officer you must be at least aware about recent happening in our country and around the world.
  • If not detail then too at least a little bit however it is advisable that you have knowledge in depth about anything you are going to speak in front of the interviewer.
(8.) Not Following Instructions:
  • If you are bad in following instructions your chances of getting in are screwed.
  • If you are asked comprehensive type lengthy questions then you must have such a grasp that you can remember most of the questions and answer them in order.
(9.) Bullying And Overconfidence:
  • Forces is not the place where you can bully people. You need to understand that a good leader leads by example and motivates people instead of bullying them.
  • You need to encourage your group, and not dominate them in order to appear like a real leader. Be in confidence but Not in over-confidence.
Jai Hind


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