Last Minute Tips for AFCAT 1/2020

DefenceXP Author / 19 February 2020

Hello Defence Lovers, AFCAT 1/2020 exam is scheduled to be conducted on February 22 and 23. As the examination is just a few days ahead, so with this article we are going to share some last-minute preparation tips to help students score good marks in their exam. 

  • Revision and Practice : It is now time for revision and practice. From each of the topics in General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test, all the important formulas, topics, and shortcut tricks candidates are suggested to revise all the topics to score good marks in this section. Concentrate on what you know and what you have learned until now and ace those topics and most important practice the formulas of important topics. In addition to this, also go through the varieties of important questions in order to get an idea of the types of questions that you are going to face in the exam
  • Analyse the trend: Analyze previous years’ question papers and find out the topics from which most numbers of questions are asked. Note the topics that are on high priority and focus on them. During the last days of preparation, do not learn new topics. Just go through sample papers and previous year papers properly to understand the concept, pattern, and syllabus.
  • Make Strategy what to do in the exam hall: Make your own strategy of how to attempt the exam. Manage your time, solve simple section first and then go for the tougher section, and do not stuck with difficult questions are some of the strategies that will definitely help you crack the exam with good marks.
  • Don’t Miss Current Affairs: For the current affairs section, you should start reading newspapers & for the past news, refer to GK capsules for past 6–7 months that are available all over the internet. Make sure that you cover the latest defence news because 2–3 questions from this topic is a must and daily latest defence updates you can also subscribe our channel Defence Squad on YouTube .
  • Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated: Take a break in between studies. Give your mind and body some time to relax, especially one day before the exam. Do not study or revise anything on the last day to keep yourself fresh for the exam and being hydrated is the easiest way to make your mind concentrate. It will also be a reason to make you take those breaks in between to refresh your mind and lighten your body.

Jai Hind

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